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  1. Thanks for your responses. I'm regularly training on bars, that's kind of pre-training routine, I'm trying to get my muscles used to big effort. And other must-do is to have proper diet
  2. Hi everyone, I've just noticed that in my neighbourhood some bars had been built. I hope that I will take advantage of it, in my opinion street workout is a good way to get fit and strong. "My portfolio" -> I'm the beginner (in street workout and bodybuilding), my max. pull-ups - 10, height - 181 cm, weight - 72 kg, vegan - since 2 months, other sports - volleyball, skiing, tennis Could you give me some advices how to train on bars (to gain muscles), how should my routine look like ? I started searching by visiting sites: www.madbarz.com and www.veganwarriors.net , there is some useful info, for example on the madbarz I see many routines on different muscles. But I have no idea how should I stick it into the good training routine for whole week. I would be grateful for all responses!
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