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  1. http://www.spartan.com/en A Spartan race is basically a running race with a lot of obstacles thrown in. The obstacles are pretty standard (rope climb, barbed wire crawl, heavy carries.) The races are a lot of fun for me and it's a great way to measure progression of strength and endurance.
  2. Haven't kept this thing updated! May just update with "SGX workout". I forget a lot of the reps we do. It's mainly just HIIT for an hour. I want to incorporate compound lifts but for now I think I'll just keep it simple.
  3. Yo! I've signed up for a couple of Spartan races that I've been training for for the past week. I decided to start logging my workouts to keep track/reflect/fine tune my training sessions. This journal will probably start out pretty feeble and sketchy but the point is to refine as my training evolves and time progresses. 6:45 am - SGX Class Warm Ups Set 1: Boulder Carry Tire Push Lungesx10 Burpees x10 5 min run Repeated x4 times adding Curtsy Lunges to sets 3 and 4 x10 reps and air squats to the fourth set x10 reps. Backwards walking lunges with 20lb dumbells(x4) followed by RDL's (x2) Static cool down. 2:00 pm - Run 5.5mi hills 11:30 min/mi 6:00 Wing Chun class.
  4. I just started training for a Spartan Race last week. Thought I'd post here to further keep myself accountable! I'll take some better pictures eventually, I just wanted to get started.
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