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  1. Any ideas for high omega3 or at least low omega6, high lysine and if possible low folate protein foods? So far I have; Kidney Beans other beans, black, pinto Lentils
  2. True, mrbear666 just trying to make things a bit better as I am gaining the 2kg On a positive note the pushups are coming along nicely, just gotta watch form, tight core, neutral pelvis and shoulder/scapula Also I keep forgetting to put it in the log but I have started doing a few ab rollouts from knees when I am stretching after training to get my core strength up for the jerk
  3. too many lentils, beans and greens throws Folate levels through the roof. Fun times
  4. cancel most of the nuts and seeds I'm on the hunt for more omega 3 friendly Lysine proteins (this nutrition thing has gotten complicated, is it overkill or was I living in ignorant bliss?) Training Yesterday was Front squat; 5x40 5x60 5x70 5x80 5x85 1x100(loaded100 instead of 90 by accident) 3x90 3x92.5 Clean and Jerk 2x20 2x40 2x50 2x55 2x57.25 2x60 2x62.5 2x62.5 2x60 2x50 Clean pulls 3x50 3x60 3x70 3x60 Clean deadlifts 3x70 3x80 3x80 Bench row 5x80 8x80 5x80 5x70 5x80 5x70 5x70 Dinner was rice, cauliflower & kidney beans fried in oil and spices, two raw tomatoes and a red pepper Breakfast was porridge Snacks will be peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds bananas and oranges Lunch is rice, fried beans and cauliflower going playing with this http://cronometer.com/ to find better omega 6/3 ratio Lysine protein sources
  5. I've been playing with http://cronometer.com/ and have found that I don't get enough B12, Lysine, K, Calcium, Potasium Also my omega 6 to ratio to omega 3 is off the charts in the bad way, anyone have any ideas to fix that? my new shopping list is going to include: Lentils chickpeas Sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds peanuts Many organic greens brocolli kale spinage brussel sprouts cabbage Tahini mushrooms Exercises; leg raises 5,3 and tuck lever raises 3,3 Realised I am very bad at pushups so going to do sets of 5-10 throughout the day increasing to 10 sets of 20 over the next few months
  6. http://www.qwa.org/Resources/Calculators.aspx According to the above calculator a 64kg power snatch = a 78 snatch and a 98 clean and jerk and apparently my max back squat is 127kg with a front squat of 109kg I need to work on a lot to make that work! but it offers some hope For the record the comp totals under 85kg were 210,201,200,162,140
  7. Yesterdays training was Front Squat 5*5 80 Snatch 5*2 40 Snatch Pulls 4*3 50,60,70 Snatch Deadlifts 4*4 70 Push Jerk 4*2 50 Barbell Lunge 2*3 60,70 ab rollouts 3*10 snacked on sunflower seeds and a grapefruit Dinner was; potatoes, swede, butternut squash, beans in sesame paste Tablets; Vitamin D, Zinc & Magnesium Breakfast; 2 large bowls of Porridge Snacks today: 3bananas, 2grapfruit, peanuts and almonds Lunch; potatoes, swede, butternut squash, peanut butter
  8. Dinner was one oily chapatti, rice, millet flour, beans mixed in sesame paste, and a desert of a grapefruit to try and unclog the stomach (great meal but very heavy) Tablets; Vitamin D, Zinc & Magnesium Breakfast; 2 large bowls of Porridge Snacks today: 2bananas, 2grapfruit, Lunch; rice, millet flour, beans mixed in sesame paste Training in afternoon
  9. also forgot to say, I played on a rope at the gym the competition was on, Awesome. Gotta buy one when I move house for Sundays. I didn't take note of the thickness but around 50mm
  10. breakfast; two bowls of porridge Snack; hazel nuts leg raises, 3,3,2 Tuck lever raises 3 lunch; bowl of poridge Snack; Almonds
  11. Hey BeansNBroccoli, rope climbing is pretty amazing for grip, hands and forearms. Also good fun
  12. C.O. thanks, will try the Asian shops. Mobility depends on the day and I don’t know the names of most of it! But here goes. Clams or squat with bands on knees and crap walk sideways to get the glutes/external rotators working. Good mornings with the broomstick, to get the glutes working, and to help keep a neutral pelvis Scapula, and full rom press-ups to get the shoulders working. Kneeling wrist press-ups, for wrists On all fours and extend opposite leg and arm to get all those stabilisers working. Face pulls to get the scapula working Duck walk with broomstick in the overhead position Hollow position work, dead bugs to more advanced, to help keep a neutral pelvis Then lunges with bar, good mornings with bar, behind the neck press with bar, and overhead squat with bar Also need to do thoracic extension more often, usually kneel on all fours, put a hand to ear and twist to look up, or else lunge touch hand to floor and raise the other and look at ceiling This weekend I was away so diet fell apart I also entered a comp on Saturday weighed in at 81.4kg for 85kg class (I thought I was 2kg heavier, incorrect scales at home) made all lifts; snatch 60, 62, 64, and Clean and jerk 70, 73, 76. For a 140kg total, I came 5th out of 5. 4th place got a 163ish total and 3rd a 200ish total got a lot of work to do! Snatches were power snatched, need to work on hitting depth for the heavier snatches – should hopefully add ~10kg. need to work on core to hit heavier jerks. Minor issue, rubbed bar off shins so need to work on getting knees back and double knee bend. Overall the competition was amazing and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and watching others lift, I learned loads. Gonna slow bulk 2.5kg over the next two months
  13. Two weeks ago there was a charity strength comp on I sucked at most lifts but got a pullup with 45kg additional load, pretty chuffed!
  14. Whats the Dreya Roll? Enjoy the sour beer fest!!
  15. Thanks mrbear666, I'm still only learning though Training yesterday was; Warm up, stretch and mobility Front Squat 5 x 5 80kg Hang clean x5 40,50,60,50 Overhead squat x3 20,30,40,40,40 Drop Snatches x3 40,40,40,40 Hang snatches x3 40,40,40,40,40 Jerks, x3 40,40,40,40,40 Last nights dinner; I caved last night and gave in to some sardine cravings Rice, broccoli, sardines, onions, garlic, celery, red pepper, a lot of salt and oil Tablets; Vitamin D, Zinc & Magnesium Breakfast; 2 small bowls of porridge(lots of water) snacks this morning will be hazelnuts, banana, 2oranges,
  16. Yeah go for it, just make sure your form is good Taking a week off every now and again is good for recovery (provided you are training hard)
  17. Dinner last night was; Rice, Peas(lots), olive oil, tomatoes, red pepper, onion, celery, garlic, spices and a few pumpkin seeds Tablets; Vitamin D, Zinc & Magnesium Breakfast; 2 medium bowls of Porridge Snacks today: 2bananas, 2oranges, walnuts, hazelnuts, Avocado Lunch; as per last nights dinner Training in afternoon
  18. Cheers esqinchi, and it's only getting started, lets hope I can keep it updated! I don't usually eat pumpkin, but a friend gave us a fresh homegrown one, Usually I'd roast it, but my better half persuaded me to steam it. It was gorgeous. I toasted the seeds too, but they came out very tough. Training yesterday Warm up, stretch and mobility Front squats x5reps 50,60,70,80,90x4 Lunges x5 each leg 60,70,70 Rows x5 60,80,70 lateral raises full rom 2.5s, 4s, 8s Followed by about 50mins of; Drop snatches, Hang snatches and split jerks with 40kg mostly in sets of 3, technique/speed focus Last nights dinner was; Millet flour, pumpkin, Split peas, onion, garlic, red pepper, celery, extra virgin olive oil, spices, salt, pepper Tablets; Vitamin D, Zinc & Magnesium Breakfast; 2 medium bowls of Porridge Snacks today: bananas, oranges, walnuts, hazelnuts Lunch; as per last nights dinner
  19. Hi all, I'm going to start a journal to track what I am doing training and eating wise General stats are: Height 185cm Body weight 85kg Body fat 14.5% estimated Snatch 62.5kg Clean and Jerk 72.5kg Squat 115kg Front Squat 100kg Overhead Press 62.5kg Deadlift 160kg Bench Press 90kg So far today I have eaten, 2 bowls of oats, a handful of hazel nuts and a few walnuts, 2 bananas, 1 orange. I'll have lunch shortly, Pumpkin, brown rice, onion, garlic, cabbage, yellow pepper, broccoli, carrot,extra virgin olive oil, salt, chilli & pepper. Training this afternoon, will be speed work on snatch, clean and jerk @ 50% of max followed by front squats @90% 2,2,2,2,1 Dinner is to be decided, but will contain pumpkin!
  20. How do you eat sunflower seeds, I find it takes ages to chew them properly
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