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  1. Plantfusion tastes really good. I had the mint choc one and it was really tasty with just water or unsweetened almond milk. I found Plantfusion wasn't great for my system though it left me feeling quite sick a lot of the time. I use Sun Warrior Warrior Blend. It tastes like hell on earth if you just have it on its own but if you have a smart shaker (with the little screw on powder holder on the bottom of the flask) then I put a scoop of Warrior Blend, a bit of stevia and some cocoa powder in the powder holder and that makes it bearable when shaken in with cold water. I find Warrior Blend the easiest on my digestive system. Its raw and there's no crap in it.
  2. I quite like Finch, might start adopting it as my actual nickname haha my name is Harriet btw, thanks for the welcome Dylan
  3. Ahh thanks dude that makes more sense than all the thousands of members being given an individual animal haha
  4. Hi I didn't know who you meant at first when you said Finch but I've noticed its me! haha Do we all just get allocated a name then?
  5. Hey everyone I've been lurking for a while so I thought I'd register because I could do with a safe space to chat about training and food without some idiot telling me to eat some chicken!! So I became vegan around the same time I started weight lifting a few years ago. I did basic powerlifting for the past year or so and I've been doing crossfit for a few months now as well and I love it. I crossfit 5x a week and stick a few extra lifting sessions in the week as well. For a girl I think I'm fairly strong but what's holding me back right now, and frankly starting to get to me a lot, is my body fat %. I'm 5"7 and 83kg and I know I need to try harder to get that down if I want to start performing better at crossfit. Strict pullup at 83kg? Not a chance!!! I think given the amount of training I do, the problem is definitely my diet. I think I over eat, massive portion sizes, way over do it on the peanut butter etc. (a kg tub in a week? possibly over doing it? ) I'm a good cook and in general I am pretty clued up on where to get my nutrition, I just get too much of it!! I think I just need somebody to stick me on a path and yell at me when I reach for my 3rd breakfast SO yeah, sorry this was long winded. HELLO
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