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  1. Al Kavadlo has a couple books on bodyweight workouts, routines, progression, technique, etc. http://www.alkavadlo.com/
  2. Since I use no oil, I have to make my own. I've only found two that don't use oil, one at Whole Foods and another local brand in my sister's town. But to me, hummus means any kind of bean mashed and seasoned: black beans with salsa white beans with fresh herbs kidney beans with mustard ("devilled") azuki beans with ginger, tamari, and sesame
  3. Been a Robert Cheeke fan for years, but not so into into bodybuilding, so I didn't bother to check out the forum until recently. My loss! Been following a McDougall/Esselstyn diet for a few years now while training for and racing trail runs, mountain bike, and off-road triathlon. Need to re-locate the gym and build some strength for this season. Good luck to everyone with their 2014 goals!
  4. I don't know how sprinters train, but soccer players need a lot of aerobic endurance as well. For those looking for distance running tips, I like Jack Daniels, (not the whiskey!) Brad Hudson, Pete Pfitzinger, Phillip Maffetone, and Matt Fitzgerald. I really like the Ask the Coaches and Ask the Ultrarunner podcasts at Endurance Planet.
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