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  1. Yesterday I did one set of 44 lb barbell squats - may sound not impressive for you, but as a beginner I feel a bit proud of myself .
  2. Hi, nice to meet you . Congrats for becoming vegan. I see you're very determined and hard-working for your body. I also wish to do pull ups one day, but find it really challenging at the moment.
  3. Now about 83lb, gained almost 3,5lb after last two weeks of new diet and workouts . I want to bulk up and reach 88lb until after New Year or so.
  4. So, December is/will be my very first month on the gym. I have a training program from my personal trainer and dietitian. I will try to workout two-tree times a week. Except weight training I practice ashtanga yoga tree to four times a week and walk from time to time . My first goal isn't very specific, I just should get bigger, stronger and more muscular. Now hard facts: Height: 5'3" Lowest weight: 77lb (I know that sounds terrifying, but I've always been quite small) Highest weight: 104lb Goal weight: healthy My first training program: 1. 5-10 min warm-up (running, cycling) 2. squats 12x5kg 10x7kg 10x9kg 10x10kg 3. pulldown (bar) 10x10kg 10x15kg 10x20kg 10x20kg 4. dumbbell press 12x4kg 12x5kg 12x6kg 12x6kg 5. shoulder press (standing) 12x2kg 12x3kg 12x4kg 12x4kg 6. crunch (legs elevated) 16x2kg 16x2kg 16x2kg 7. hyperextension 14 14 14 8. short stretching I don't have any special purpose of this journal yet. If I see any changes, problems or feelings about my workouts, diet or outlook, I'll make a note here.
  5. 406% of carbs, nice . Also impressed by your workout, do you do long rests between each set?
  6. Hello! I'm also from EU.
  7. Personally I'm so into hummus that I don't really care about the fat, but you're right, in the supermarkets it's usually very oily. Do you look for something to buy or are you able to prepare it by yourself? Because there are some low fat recipes, for example this one: http://engine2diet.com/recipe/engine-2-hummus/
  8. You've got very slim calves and looking much taller than 4'11"! I love your sports outfits by the way.
  9. Hi Dylan, My username is also my real name - Michalina . I live in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. I was born in Cracow thought and I love both of the cities. Thanks for your tip, before starting my own topics I'll definitely read as much as I can from the website and forum.
  10. Hi everyone! I've found this side after reading Robert's book about vegan bodybuilding. I haven't been eating meat and diary since summer of 2010 (soon I also stopped using other animal products) - I was only 13 years old then and my whole family is omnivorous, so I used to have (or rather still have) some hard moments . I've always been quite underweight. To make matters worse, while having private problems I was "caught" by eating disorders. Now I need to gain weight and become healthy again. I want to connect my recovery with proper vegan diet and weight training (I'm really into big muscles and I wish to see them in the mirror at last!). By joining this forum I hope to stay motivated to achieve my goals and maybe meet a few people with the same hobbies and way of thinking. Sorry that my English sucks, but I keep learning that language (have only FCE at the moment, meh).
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