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  1. Thank you! I am checking the recipes. I actually eat wraps with hummus sometimes. And I quite liked tapioca cheese which I bought yesterday. I will try the creamer, thank you!! Lentils are easy to digest for me, but I don´t know about beans. Also, are the beans from can ok to eat? Is a good idea to buy vegan protein? I used vega protein powder- it tasted amazing! But I don´t know if I could trust them because they contain/contained antibiotics. (http://vegansaurus.com/post/66840423364). I just don´t want to end up with drinking protein powders, thinking how healthy they are when the reality is completely different.
  2. Hi guys! Let me tell you straight that I am not vegan. But, I always wanted to be because of my love to animals (you can´t love and eat them at the same time, right?!). So I would really appreciate if you gave me some advices how to start. I am a female athlete. Right now, I do my winter conditioning program which consists of lifting 3 times a week and interval training 2 times a week. I am 5´ 10´´ and about 130lbs. 15% BF. My goals are to drop BF little bit and maintain/gain weight. It doesn´t really matter. I am happy with the way how I look. About my diet- I ate so much meat product. My coach always encouraged me to do that and I had closed eyes… Please, don´t judge. I want to change it! Would anyone be so kind and give me some avice about meal plan?? I think I am not able to switch to veganism from day to another day though. As I said, I ate so many meat products. I also have some digestion problems with soy (tofu is quite OK, but I felt so bad after soy beans). Also, how do you guys prepare coffee? I tried almond milk and it didn´t taste good. So, my plan for the first month is to cut meat, yoghurts and cheese. Leave eggs and quest bar from whey protein. Meal 1: oatmeal (made from oats, chia seeds, vanilla almond milk, egg whites, blueberries) Meal 2: "quest" protein bar (post workout snack) Meal 3: quinoa with veggies and almond cheese (I haven´t tried the cheese yet though...) Meal 4: apple, prunes, almonds Meal 5: some soy-free meat alternative (any suggestions??), salad, avocado Thank you for any advice and have a good day!
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