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  1. I'm probably eating less calories, but my bodyfat was higher back then. I honestly can't eat anymore than I'm eating now unless I supplement protein with shakes and/or start eating some nuts/seeds.
  2. Thanks Denise! Geez, I guess all vegan women are gorgeous! Wow, per pound or is that per kg? I'm read 1 gram per kg of bodyweight on some raw and vegan sites, and that's high compared to the 5% of caloric intake, but 1 gram per pound is only something I've read in bodybuilding magazines. I had thought it was less for vegans, but I'm not sure, that's why I'm asking! Thanks again, John
  3. Thanks compassionate! You're pretty easy on the eyes yourself!
  4. Good afternoon! I had a question regarding protein intake. I'm been a raw vegan for only 6 weeks now but I'm loving the changes. I've lifted/bodybuilt practically my whole life and have been used to taking protein and amino acid supplements (protein intake/day was probably close to 200 grams). Since going raw I only eat raw fruits and veggies, no nuts, seeds or dried fruits (or avocados). I've read that the nuts and seeds have too much protein and can be hard to digest and by eating fruits and vegetables I can easily get enough protein to build muscle. The amount recommended seems to be about 5% of total calories. I track my calories so I'm getting about 3000 calories a day with 35-40 grams of protein, which comes to right around 5% of my intake. Since starting this diet I've lost 10 pounds and my lean muscle mass has gone from: Jan 9 BW 172.5 bf% 17.3 142.16 lbs muscle June 8 BW 166 bf% 13.7 143.26 lbs muscle June 28 BW 162 bf% 14.5 138.51 lbs muscle I started at Jan 9 because that was my weight, bf% from that point until I started eating raw near the middle/end of May. This is a net loss of 5 pounds of muscle (if my fickle bf% scale is correct, I'll recheck tomorrow). I've lost an inch off my arms as well. I had expected to lose bodyfat and was hoping to maintain or gain muscle as I still am training, but as you can see, I've actually lost muscle. I really don't think I can eat anymore than I've been eating and the only other option I have is either protein supplementation or the addition of raw nuts/seeds. What is your opinion on % of calories that should come from protein and what sort of estimate would you make for someone in my situation? Thanks in advance! Oh, and if this posts, this was me 3 years ago. I'll post more recent pictures in the next week or so! http://www.exercisecertification.com/success/Dambrosio/Dambrosio.jpg John
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