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  1. Please Do share. the last post in this thread was almost 4 years ago..... dont think he will be
  2. honestly, i wouldnt know about your calorie intake, if i was you, i would start at 2000 calories, and just track whats happening on the scales, and in the mirror and adjust accordingly after a few weeks You could try a web based TDEE calculator, might give you a better idea
  3. oh man! yes you probably need to really up your calorie intake, it will probably be a bottleneck/limiting factor for your strength are you male/female? and do you have/can afford some basic equipment like some weights? cardio is ok to a point... probably about 20-40 minutes a day is where i would stop but yeah, focus on eating, and try to get your hands on some weights... at your BMI, you will probably be fairly weak and wont need much weight.... in the meantime, you could just try and work on some calisthenics... pushups, pull up negatives, squats... etc... once you get some weights, you can follow a full body routine... bench press, shoulder press, rows, weighted squats, etc... good luck
  4. i have tried a bunch of different ones... i find that rice based protein is a bit grainier, pea protein is smoother, but sometimes has a bad aftertaste... best one i have had was a blend of rice and pea... i have tried sunwarrior, hated it lol, was overly sweetened, grainy as hell, and of course, very pricey... would never try vega because it's even more pricey lol the one i liked the most was a vanilla pea/rice from a local (pretty well regarded) bulk/discount seller... probably about equivilant to myprotein for the USA... i dont use protein supps anymore but thats my experience
  5. i have heard of people doing it on reddit... no idea myself... i think it would be very difficult to do it on vegan diet....not many vegan foods are high fat low carbs, best (and worst) bet would be relying on supplements for it... keto is pretty gross
  6. i have a fitbit aria.... im very lazy about using it though, maybe ill use it more if i specifically wanna lose or gain weight
  7. i think i read or watched a video a while ago on plant based iron sources... it was something along the lines of, when you get it from a plant based source, it has a self regulating effect to the point where, you can never eat too much of it from plants, whereas from animals, the heme iron lacks that same effect... i dont take protein powders but i am pretty sure you would be 100% fine, especially since foods like green leafies and the science says eating oodles and oodles of it as in, a serving with each meal or more is ideal for health
  8. are you doing a full body style routine or do you focus on stuff each day? i have been basically doing full body and i think it is working the best for me
  9. ok so this is about my 6 month mark at the gym... would really like some input, not sure im progressing as fast as i should be or not? so i have been very reliably going to the gym for the past 6 months, you can see my earlier pics earlier in this thread, have made alot of strength gains, i think particularly in my back and legs, right now i am doing full body workouts, mainly involving pull ups, bench, shoulder press, low rows, dips, squats and legpress, and not much accessory or isolation style stuff recently like curls or tricep extensions, i also have been working more core into sessions lately too, most of the stuff i do, i aim for 8 reps, except 15 reps for legs... right now im at about 28kg(each arm) bench press, 72 kilo row, about 240 kilo or more leg press, and im still getting better with pullups... im at about 4x5-7 now heres some pics of where im at right now http://puu.sh/mliMl/434eb97a88.jpg http://puu.sh/mlj9h/1d00ad33f1.jpg just had lunch.. big smoothie before this so i might be a bit bloated haha http://puu.sh/mljbX/d7a24542e7.jpg ... tried taking back pics, but the nature of it is i cant tell what im photographing, so i ended up just paking a picture of my left shoulder lol leg pics arent very good either guys tell me what you think, would also like suggestions for some more heavy compound lifts to do so i can alternate it a bit
  10. snacks? fruit i guess... probably easier to just increase portions?
  11. yeah sure, i eat lots of carbs. and bicycle everywhere.
  12. so if anyone hasnt heard of this, the hodgetwins have recently gone vegetarian after watching some animal cruelty videos... they say they are 10% pescetarian... so i think that is 100% pescetarian though haha and today they put out this video on a vegan "Bodybuilding" meal i havent been subscribed to these guys for like 2-3 years, but seeing these latest videos have given me an enourmous amount of new respect for them, the fact that they have actually recognised and made changes is incredible... so i've also re-subbed to them
  13. gotta agree with jmf... havent been doing it for long, but so far my protein has been low, have tried high protein for a few months, but the only thing that really affects my strength is overall lowering of calories for me... high protein didnt help... my fats are also quite low too
  14. havent been skipping anything... heres some new pics... i have gotten a tiny bit leaner since last pics... i think i'm going to try and lean out a little more very slowly, then try to stay at that level... not talking jacked or anything, just a little lean lol http://puu.sh/lpZdk/375835c70f.jpg no idea how to flex back for this shot haha http://puu.sh/lpYWL/8e1a0e1408.jpg http://puu.sh/lpZ2S/716c94ec67.jpg couple days ago i decided i want to give full body workouts a try for a month or two... going to focus on shoulder press dips bench press squats deadlifts rows pullups leg press big compound stuff... might throw in some accessory movements also... would appreciate any suggestions on this BTW i do put alot of effort into legs... maybe even the most... i dont think theres much to show still in photos though... not much definition yet... strength seems to be a bit static atm on the press so i think ill have to try some new things
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