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  1. interesting, i will give it a go too thanks
  2. Does leg press hurt your back too? it hits the ass also.
  3. There's also TRT, when you reach a certain age, i think it becomes a reasonable option, and if you're on it, it will probably level the playing field quite a bit.
  4. i'm also quite weak on chin ups, it seems to be the slowest progession for me strength wise, but when i started, i could do 2, and i'm up to 5 now what i'd suggest, if you're doing these at home place a stool or a chair or something under your bar so you can stand up, and be in the chin up position, do your 3 in a row that you can do as normal, and aftwerwards do 2 negatives from the chair (negatives being, you jump up, or stand up to where you're in the chin up position, then you very slowly lower yourself) after that, do some more sets of 5 negatives, like 3-4 more sets after the initial 3 chin ups and 2 negatives if you can, do as many chin ups as you can in subsequent sets before swapping to negatives.
  5. protein powders are okay in oats, i think it tastes better overall if you have it on its, own, and have protein shake seperately though if you like protein shakes that is i put quick oats, blueberries, ground flax,almond/soy milk and cinnamon in a bowl, nuke it for about 1 minute (not enough to cook it typically, i do this just to thaw the blueberries a bit), then eat it frozen blueberries, and mango go really good in oats.
  6. Oats are 600 calories a cup, 2 cups of oats and you're already 1200 calories down
  7. ok lil update, been rather sick with a nasty cold over the last 3 or something days, finally over it i think, i had to postpone one leg day by 1 day, just because i had no energy at all also, my leg lifts seem to have gone down (irrespective of cold, the one previous to having the cold was down), think it might be due to the fact that i havent taken creatine in a few week, so i'm going to start taking it again. wish people with a cold would just f'ing stay home lol
  8. well, maybe it has a similar effect... most raw stuff has alot less calories than processed/cooked foods... 230g of apples is only 120 calories, compare that with 230g of oats, that's almost 900 calories, 230g of rice is 300 calories, 230g of strawberries is 75.9 calories might have a similar effect, but my impression of IF is, you can't eat at all while you're fasting, or it breaks the hormonal effects... or w/e they claim for it raw till 4 could just end up being, so you get alot of like, fiber, and filling materials for 4 hours, so you're less hungry for the last 4 hours
  9. is ok,think i'd rather live in canada though lol leg day today, went up again... last week i did 125 for 7x15, this week i did 145 for 4x15 then 135 for 3x15.. this is for seated leg press i'm not so comfortable with how fast i'm gaining weight, so i'm gonna try and eat a bit less, slow it down to maybe 1/3rd of what it is now... my method is going to be just eat more leafy greens, more fruit, less oats, and make processed foods more of a minority (already way smaller than the typical western diet i guess but )
  10. Some soreness in late today think its a good sign, tried some new exercises to improve pullups because they haven't been advancing very much... Tried flexed arm hangs, and very slow negative pullups.. Hoping the soreness indicates it hit something previous efforts haven't... Thing I'm going to work these exercises into every workout
  11. well i say i read dune, but really i listened to them on audiobook :S i used to listen to them at my last job, used to be a cleaner, and we would go in before and after business hours to clean, usually we would spend 4-8 hours alone 1-2 times a day, so i would listen to audiobooks the dune books lasted quite a while, i was going to move onto enders game, or something like that, but i don't work for them anymore.. now i spend my time eating, exercising or playing video games/youtube :S
  12. Only books i've ever read are the dune series... i really liked the prequels, never quite finished the original series though
  13. My leg exercises went up alot since last week... such a big increase from just one session, but i really did kill it last week starting to get harder to get as good of a legs workout, and i think in a couple months, i will be maxing out the seated leg press xD right now i'm doing about 125kg for 7x15, up from about 105 last week, and right now that's about 70-80% of the plates being used for now i prefer the seated leg press just because i'ts easier to adjust the weights as i need.. but might have to start using the normal leg press simply because i'll run out of plates! lol... might be more practical to do 20-25 reps per set instead i also feel like there is alot more mass on my legs now than when i started... like noticably when i feel, as compared to arms/chest
  14. thanks man, good to hear it from a 2nd person, hard to see it myself.. keep feeling my chest, shoulders ant stuff, and i feel like there are changes that dont show up in the mirror xD anyway, at this point, i think it's a permenant lifestyle feature now.. quick gains not important, just want to be consistent and always motivated anyways, i did push day... chest, tris, shoulders... did some pullups and negatives too i also tried some hold exercises... did flexed arm hangs, and held some tricep extensions for like 15 seconds... man that really made me feel the burn lol! i think im gonna have to work some flex-holds into almost everything from now on.. any suggestion on other gimicks like that to try?
  15. rip hammies xD heres a new pic http://puu.sh/jh3NP/f3d209e014.jpg i really think i need to start doing core xD... i want to do some core at home every day what do u think though, you guys see any changes? pic is a little blurry so ill take another one if needed
  16. Yeah, doms isnt requires for gains, but i just miss being unable to walk the day after a brutal workout l0l-ok maybe i dont miss it that much
  17. yeah haha, even then im not strict about it... i do kinda believe in the idea that having a set day each week (or in my case 6 days) isnt ideal... if i do chest every 6 days, that's 6 days recovery which is way more than is needed last time i was at uni, i started doing a ritual where i would do like just 1 set of pushups each night before bed (i think i started out being able to do like 5, and ended up doing like 40 in a set... weird how only 1 set each night did so much lol..) but yeah, i'm thinking i might restart that ritual, but instead do like 3 sets of... whatever i can manage along with some core stuff.. especially on days off im starting to feel antsy when i don't stretch my muscles lol but yeah, i really enjoyed doing that last time i was at uni, i might do the 2 uni gym days a bit easier and do some cardio or something aswell... usually i dont do cardio at the gym unless it's leg day (which i do like 5 min jog lol), so might be like 2 or 3 exercises for the muscle group, and then a 20 min jog or something before classes anyway i think i will take some more pics sometime tonight... i think i'll look a bit fatter but i cant help but feeling myself and wondering if my muscles were like this before (although i can feel the extra softness too lol) edit: lol i kinda miss DOMS, i haven't got it for weeks, even though i swear my last leg day was the most intense one yet.. any tips? i want the pain xD (maybe i should eat meat so recovery is more painful )
  18. yeah, it's frank medrano, he makes videos on youtube
  19. Starting studying tomorrow.. the uni has a campus gym so i'm thinking of changing my routine a bit saturday: regular pull day monday: regular push day wednesday: regular leg day and tuesdays and thursdays are at uni, and i have the campus gym, so im thinking tuesday: 2nd pull day thursday: 2nd push day what u guys think?
  20. yeah, taking creatine.. i might do it for a few more months, start cutting maybe in october, that would mean i was gaining weight for like 7-8 months and i can start losing some weight for when summer starts in the meantime i think i might ease up atleast a little bit on the food, still enough to gain weight, but i dont wanna gain another 10 kilos by october lol
  21. thinking about lowering my calories... not sure though i hear people saying you can get cold feet and cut too early when ur gaining weight http://puu.sh/jceGZ/df2c5c0414.png thats where i'm at, gained about 10 kilos over the last 4 months, might ease up on the calories or do some cardio or something because i'm not so comfortable being at this bodyfat percentage idk.. i might ease up on the eating and wait another month or two before i try to lose weight, maybe cut the fat gain in half
  22. believe me, after living with it, i know all the exercises for it... it's the short calf/tendon that causes the inflexibility, so i think the only way to treat it would be to do some intense static stretches several times a day... have tried doing it before, just never been consistent enough with it to see any changes i think
  23. Just FYI, the red colored ones may be colored with crushed beetles.
  24. haha awesome also just looking at your site, that sheperdless pie looks nice, i might give it a shot sometime this week
  25. na im in australia the injury is well healed now, right now the muscle is just short, so it makes it very hard to get knees past my heels... which makes stuff difficult its not a matter of the amount of weight i can do, but the flexibility, really would like to do them, so might have to put more effort into it... if i recall correctly i can do like, wide stance squats, and deadlifts, but it's a little hard to balance for me shite music indeed.. but anything is better than nothing lol... will offend someone but i feel some hatred towards people who bring their phones inside lol i think i've only seen one PT who only shows up like 1/4 times i go there.. they offered me a free pt session with nutritional guidance LOL, i bet alot of the stuff is so routine, recycled stuff
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