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  1. I nearly passed all stages to make it into the BB house with my intent to educate/promote veganism and enlighten people on animal abuse etc. But failed at the last stage. sorry guys! feel I've let many people down. was so exhausted by end of the day I messed up in the diary room. but they told me to come back next year and try! was do close. ...outta thousands of people made it to probably the last 30 or do people. Gutted. I could of made a difference.
  2. So...nearly a week down....I don't think much change....I'm a little less bloated and have been extremely fatigued. Felt better after eating my homemade lasagne yesterday. I've found considerabley lowering my calorie intake and cutting out carbs doesn't suit me at all. Made me fatigue and depressed. Done a few more hour doggy walks and 3 more pilates sessions. (Was my birthday this week so I've naughtily had a fair bit of chocolate passed 2 days). (Excuse the messy dressing room I'm currently rearranging it) Anyway....today more green tea for breakfast, going to have another pup walk and salad and my high iron pasta dish again My vege lasagne layered with my newly invented kale white sauce and spinich pasta sheets (and some regular) Flab update
  3. And it tasted gooood. A successful Teffa recipe I'm pleased.
  4. So....my best friend found out today shes got a very very low iron count and may have to have a blood transfusion. Ofcourse the doctors told her to eat lots of red meat (shes not vegan but not a fan of red meat). So.....I decided to invent something. Unfortunately I ran out of spinach lasagne sheets so used half spinich ones half normal....and made a kale/pestoey sauce to go between layers of a spicey mix veg tomato based thing, with peppers, mushrooms, onions, italian herbs etc. Anyway. All made from scratch all Organic and vegan. High in spinich, kale and broccoli. Lets hope they taste good! If anyone wants my recipe. I can try and remember it and mail it over
  5. Keep it long. men should either have long hair or a shaved/bald head in my opinion
  6. My idol doesn't exist and her abilities physically impossible lol. I Want to be like Xena or Gabrielle lol! Strong yet flexible and gymnastic lol!
  7. Amazing work. I'm trying to eat at least 50-70% raw I struggle with it though as I'm not a fan of the textures of raw food nor smoothies I've recently discovered lol
  8. I have never been able to get rid of lower belly fat either. You don't need a flat tummy to model. That's what photoshops for!
  9. I saw chiropractic for 6 months, physio for nearly a year now and a massage therapist for a year....I don't think it's going to release without surgery to be honest. :-/
  10. Cheers! I had salad and pasta with homemade sauce for dinner. Hip still too painful from my walk to do my pilates. I'll do some stretches before bed
  11. No I've not tried that, thanks manatee! Tis a good idea as its repetition I struggle with atm. As the lordosis has basically effectdd my whole right hand dide including my right arm and neck. I can do stretches and lift things but not over and over. So static hold might be the way to go. Thanks I'll give it a try
  12. Have done just realised theres a section for them! Thanks
  13. Thank you all. I do yoga moves mixed in with pilates. I'm a faorly flexible fatty lol
  14. So. A new start needed. Since suffering with Lumbar Lordosis (as you can probably see) and a compressed nerve STILL trapped in my hip, over the past 6 months my exercise was reduced to 0 and muscles left in exchange for flab where i've barely been able to walk let alone workout. So....Starting again slllllooowwly to continue to correct the Lordosis and hopefully by some miracle untrap the nerve in my hip i've had for over a year and a half. Plan: pilates, walking, increase grip and forearm strength as I've virtually none! And go from there........so embaressing quick images I've just taken to show my starting point. Today Breakfast: 3 cups of green tea and bottle of water Lunch: A mashed sweet potato and couple of slices of smoked tofu. Orange juice and more water. 2 hour walk with my doggy Sneaky small glass of wine thats as far as I've got J inyend to do 30 mins of core pilates exercises and have no idea wgat to eat for dinner yet :-/ Anyway. This is my first journal entry. Any tips? Recipes or advise most wecome. Thanks. Tef x P.s. excuse the wonky pictures! Stoopid phone!
  15. I like allsorts of metal...suppose my favs would be type o negative, tool, marilyn manson, my ruin, Opeth, jack off jill and gojira.
  16. I'm struggling with motivation to eat well and keep up my exercise goals. Any advice/tips on how to keep yourself on track, or fir me, get myself on the track to begin with. I'm still dwelling on the negatives that I've put so much weighg back on from being ill after I worked so hard to get it off. I need a kick up the ass but don't know where to get it!
  17. Ive not tried coco nibs in my blender yet hmmm
  18. I've recently bought myself a blender to make shakes and soups. What's your favourite recipe? So far I've only tried making kimberley snyders glowing green smoothie. Any reccomendations?
  19. Thanks. Frustrating not being able to lift atm. Having to train my muscles from the most inner ones out. This is the first week in a year I haven't been dragging my right leg as I walk. Am making a faster recovery than most I think partly because for some reason I build/gain muscle very quickly when activating the correct muscles. So walking itself is a challenge atm. But getting there
  20. I will when I'm fit enough to resume training atm. Im suffering with lumbar lordosis and twisted pelvis so am only doing pilates to strengthen my core. Am just looking into planning at present.
  21. Hi, I'm new here. Although I have always been into fitness and nutrition and have always done strength training and even power lifting in the past. I still can't work out my body type. I don't seem to strictly fit into any of the 3. I think I'm a cross between an endomorph and mesomorth? But then what regime do I lean towards? I'm 5ft 7inches Hourglass Distribute fat evenly Build muscle easy but also store fat easily I've a curvy figure but dont think what you'd especially call rounded :-/ Help?! Ummmm due to the nature of the majority of my work its hard to find pictures that show my shape without showing too much
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