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  1. Thank you. Hoping to find some friends that will give me that get up and go encouragement I need to recover and start to build up again. It's always the getting started/ back into it I struggle with!
  2. I don't believe in the higher protein type diets. My preferance is hemp. I use help oils and soaps for my skin & hair too. It suits me best.
  3. Fanks . I think I might try that plank challenge for January thanks for that.
  4. Thanks! I'm from Gloucestershire. Nope I haven't heard of the plank challenge. Will google
  5. I must admit I cannot find a picture of someone with the ideals I'm trying to aspire to either. Most images are of very lean women rather than curvy soft light bulk. I can't even describe it !
  6. Hello there. I'm 29 from England. Have been vege/vegan for about 15 years. I'm a vintage pinup style model so more known for curves than muscle, but since having severe back and hip problems for over a year now alas weight training or any other training has made me toooo curvy. I have since discovered I have lumbar lordosis BUT caused no bone or cartalige damage and apparently I have a much higher/stronger bone density than average (so blows typical vegan missconceptions eh!). So I'm gradually going to start a fresh! As my hip and back are still dodgy, I'm currently doing mostly core strengthening. As heavy lifting is still a problem. I'm also trying to eat more raw foods smoothies etc. since putting on a good 20 pounds weight loss is also on the books. Soo....hello this is who I am and my aim is not to be too angular , im looking to gain bulk muscle under my curves without looking too lean. More amazon woman than body sculpter hehe. Atm. I am only doing pilates and light walking until fit to lift! Decided to take a look at this site for inspiration! It's been so long since training and so much needs doing I've no idea where to start! Any advice/tips most appreciated Tef x
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