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  1. Hola! First glance, meal routine looks pretty good. Agree with your trainer, protein craze up here is like the miracle nutrient....haha..note: too much protein for what your body needs either gets excremented or stored as fat.... We've close to similar builds....6'2 lingering somewhere around 175-180. Currently training for 1/2 marathon vs weight training until end of May. Dashing out to get the dog from the snow...(yeah, it's the end of April and we have gotten 8 inches of snow!) I need Cabo!!! Get back soon...
  2. Hi there! Welcome back! Maybe old account closed due to low/no activity? Regardless, I'll send you a couple breakfast ideas...one is easy/fast for getting out the door to work days, another fav I usually make in a batch, and just warm it up (or not...tastes great either way) for days when you have more time.
  3. Hi Denise! I'm gonna have to dig up some of my books on some of the issues you listed...lol! Medical not my strong suit. Though the number of friends I have in real life with this issue or that and googling random "issue" vegan plant based diet forks over knives...and getting off animal protein is almost a recurring theme. If you have netflix, check out some of these documentaries, they'll help and inspire! -Forks Over Knives (this was follow-on to China Study) -Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead -Cowspiracy There are others, once you see one or 2 they'll suggest to you what to watch next. We all transition for various reasons and at our own pace. Some I know learned something, and flipped a switch to PBWF (Plant-based Whole Foods) lifestyle. Others, vegetarian. Me, Vegetarian for about 10 years, then transitioned to vegan.... Also, check out meetup.com and look for a veg/vegan group local to you for some support, friends and AWESOME potlucks!
  4. In addition to checking out Robert's books...available in your local library likely.....check out Torre....he's got stuff up on his diet too...
  5. Hi! So first, you look great! Supplements. That's a tough question. And lots of opinions and equally amounts of false info out there, so do be careful. I large part, I think I'd try to source as much of my nutrients and micros naturally -- given that so many of them work in concert with each other. Isolated into supplement form can impact both the bio-availability and efficiency of them. It takes a fair amount of reading, asking questions, and experimentation. Easier said than done, eating a range of grains, nuts, colors of veg, fruits, and hoping to get the right portions is pretty easy for just general wellness. Trying to source the right balance of macros ontop of it to help with fitness/performance goals is like going to the next level. My usual question, is what are you eating on a typical day? Foods and rough portions/frequency? That will help! I try to source my nutrients as directly as I can from foods. However, if you came over and looked in my pantry you'd find NOW Pea Protein Powder (great in smoothies, helps with protein macros when my daily intake is pretty light), hemp powder, ground flaxseeds, chia seeds, an awesome organic superfood smoothie mix (acai, goji, and other good stuff), great multi-vitamin (as I was 'low' on my Vit D and Bs), and a bio-available magnesium supplement. Full transparency, authenticity. Currently training for 1/2 marathon while working out to maintain my strength/physique. So my food intake is kinda all over the place depending on whether I'm doing running training or weights. LOL. Some days feels like complete opposite objectives, but I digress... I'll tick the box to get a notice when you reply..or you can msg me so I'll know to come check it out!
  6. looks pretty good to me! Hard part is adding in quality carbs and not packing on weight. Could add a bit of peanut butter into your oatmeal.... Can always add in more plants, but as you know, they tend to be low cal relative to a serviing. I didn't add up all what you're eating. Looks clean, even with the processed Boca/Tofurky add ins. So might ask, what is lacking either performance wise or goal wise? What is your BMR and BMI? Weight, add a 0....give roughly cals per day just doing nothing.... For me, my Cals were enough to sustain my fitness, but I struggled completing 2 classes of Krav without pooping out half way through. I most adjusted the timing of what I was eating.
  7. Hi! Sorry for lag in messaging. Life.. So...need more info, but a few comments too.. First, it's April, you mentioned getting back to vegan in mid-January. Not a long time, and (if you're like me and were raised omni)...old habits die hard. There's the initial veg/vegan diet change....and later on lifestyle change. So don't worry much about all that. It can be 'easy' after a long time of learning, and all the marketing, to come up with a calorie and nutrient sufficient diet without much thinking. When I first went veg, pretty easy...lots of meat alternatives to fill the gap, and the usual processed stuff. When I went vegan, that took some more focused relearning not just about nutrition, but about as you said, making meals. Weaning off the processed stuff was another learning curve. One thing I have learned, it's all about the micros and NOT the macros. Re-learning really. Lots of info out there...good and bad. Listen to lots of podcasts from both veg/vegans and from fitness/nutrition guru's like Mike Dolce (who's not vegan, but you can vegan up all his stuff!). Paleo....how effing poptarts can be good for you based on fitting macro profile for carbs/cals/fats/protein (but very LOW nutritional density) is deemed 'good' stumps me. Other than the 'it tastes good' category! haha. Knowing a bit more about both what you're typically eating (and when) and what your fitness goals plus activities are will help. Just from your description, sounds like maybe carb heavy (opps...I just said a macro word!! lol -- old habits) relative to your activity. The over-eating thing..makes me think you're nutrient deficient. General 'hunger' is a sign that your body is needing something that it's missing from your fuel sources. That took some re-familiarization for me too. Random craving for broccoli, or a baked potato...have to listen to those. But with a little more info on your average days foods will help. I was doing great with my weight training, and progress. But when I added in some pretty extreme MMA/Krav Maga...not only did I have to adjust what/when I was eating, but my calorie content (macro again!!!! argh!!!) because I was too low... Live, experiment, inquire, experiment, wait 2 weeks, adjust....
  8. Hi! Sorry for delay getting back to you. Work and life and all that. So I'm vegan, 4 years now. Vegetarian for almost 10 years before that. Rocking it pretty good. Don't have soy issues, but I do add in pea protein, etc. when I've not sourced enough from my regular diet. Curious what your ambitions are and what your body issues might be, and what your fitness and diet is like? We, especially in marketing today are WAYY over marketed on the amounts of protein needed (I saw Cheerios w/protein the other day in the grocery store the other day...really??). A calorie sufficient plant based whole foods diet will be more than sufficient for all your needs, including protein. If you're a focused body builder or other type of focused activity, may need some tweaks..... So, what's the goal and the current fuel you're getting?
  9. Hi!!!! More to come tomorrow...gotta get to bed as almost midnight. Boards mysteriously quiet lately, but I'll help!! till tomorrow... Your carbs/fat/protein ratios ring as a macro-phile (my own word!), but it's good...a helpful bit of info would be to know your ultimate objectives? Weight gain/loss/sustain with improvements in health, etc.....and what is your current fitness project? Thanks!
  10. Hey Martin... 1st...sorry boards have been quiet lately...bummer. 2nd...so at 18, guessing support at home might be kinda limited.....(crap....need to dash...bed time in Colorado...more tomorrow!!!!)..... hang in there!!! There are options you can do!!!!
  11. NIce share! While in many cases I like Dr Oz and the out reach to the masses, I find it more than irritating when, for example having Dr Fuhrmann on talking about animal based proteins and associated health findings, or the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead guy talking about plant-based lifestyle....followed up with a meat eating segment....?!?!?! Same things on other daytime shows. Talk about sharing conflicting information (due to sponsors no doubt!) it's now wonder the public don't know what to do or think or eat. Wine, eggs, meat (factory or grass fed), dairy....good for me? bad for me? The 'experts' with such a reach out to the public should at least be thorough, present both the underlying facts and the weaknesses of the study.
  12. Almost 100 lbs down already. Nicely done! Lifestyle change is hard for most overnight, but good news is its SO much more of a healthy lifestyle, and with some creativity you can plant-base pretty much whatever your favorite indulgences are to pack in the nutrition. Just always pair up the bad with lots more good -- moderation and all that. Plus the grains/greens/etc go a long way to filling you up and keeping you full -- micro nutrients will feed your body and also quell hunger. Props for your marathons, and iron mans....doing my first 1/2 this May. Running for me was a training tool, not something I did/do 'for fun'...haha!
  13. Short answer, yes. 6 months would be way too short for me to relearn what/how/when to eat for optimal results, even after reading tons of books, listening to podcasts and seeing live speakers, I'm still learning new stuff all the time. As for example, new UFC champ Nate Diaz is vegan since 18 yrs old, and mostly raw now. Also, worlds strongest man from Germany or some such place is vegan. So it's not just about loading up on nuts/seeds/etc to get tons of protein.. On current particular source I listen to is a UFC trainer who touts whole-foods, fresh from the earth nutrients. Being plant-based, yeah, we have to source our proteins (aka amino's really) and the timing of foods. He's not plant-based, but all his recipies are adaptable with just a little tweaking. I'm with you on avoiding random supplements and shakes. TOO many nutrients and micro nutrients are either not bio available, or are not optimally used by the body in isoloation -- they need other nutrients to make them work. Rather than just tossing random stuff at you that might work for me, or take some guesses at raw approaches, I think I need more info to be helpful. I have raw bodybuilding friends who seem to be rocking it with just eating lots of fruits/veg from the whole color set of the rainbow. Dark greens, red peppers, watermelons, beans, seeds, nuts, etc.... What are you eating now? If you have a balanced and diverse set of meals, raw or just plant-based, you'll not have to worry about protein (SO much mis-information and brain washing not just in fitness world but general diet info/advertising). What is a typical workout cycle for you? Types, reps and sequences of workouts you're doing?
  14. So I'm signed up for my 1st half in May. The NYRR (New York Road Runners I think) who put on the 5 borough races have a training program that I'm starting...week one done. Looks like like it starts reasonable...3 mile runs...and include some interval speed work for getting a better time. And it increases your runs each week up to race day. Set up as a 10 week program. Did my first 6 mile run today. My time wasn't what I'd hoped, blame it on the wind! Let me know if you can find it and I can email it to you.
  15. interestingly...just go word that friends who are UK expats living in NZ are getting married. Not yet sure timeframe though, so might get down there in 2016!
  16. Hi!!! Doing my first 1/2 marathon this year too...NYC but in May. From what I've been reading, need generally about 3 months training to prep for the long distance running. I guess your time is a bit shorter than that. All depends I think on your goal/objective. Just to complete it? Or to be competitive? Me, I run for the benefits, not because I enjoy it. Something to do with my brother is the motivation, and to represent for the plant-powered lifestyle. Let me dig around. One option, could be to take an approach similar to what Rich Roll did when running a double marathon 50+ miles. He ran 4 miles, walked 1. Point being that the best finish doesn't go to the fastest runner but the one who slows down the least. I'd start working on increasing your distances, not all at once mind you. I like the 3 miles, 3x a week with an increased distance on the weekend. One interesting thing that Rich's trainers had him do, was to stay below 140 bpm heart rate, so on the longer runs, stick to about a 10 min mile if possible. Has to do with improving the efficiency of your aerobic capabilities (avoiding anerobic which is bad apparently). Probably need to top up around the 1/2 way point with some food...bio-available natural stuff, coconut water, salt (something I forget) as your glycogen will be spent by then and you'll need to fuel up..... Will revisit my book and get back to you!!!
  17. Damn. Looking good!! Not much direct to offer on the lat difference other than maybe to suggest maybe: - focus on dumbbells...going heavier on the weaker side for lawn mowers, elbows out lawn mowers? - maybe introducing towel on the strong side for rows, lats, etc. Make it more of a forearm/triceps pull down on that side so the lat on the weaker side get the focus??? Bad shoulder popping sounds to me (informally trained mind) like the tendons, etc. have to catch up. Had shoulder pain for a few years with not relief, and had a trainer tell me that shoulder joint not really designed for load-bearing (don't know if this is true or not). Suggested ditching shoulder weight bearing exercise until pain goes away. Ditch bench press for dumbell presses. etc. Focus on 3 kinds of shoulder exercise. Cable pulls, both weights to the right, 90 deg bend in elbow, rotating shoulder out....repeat on the left obviously, then the opposite, weights on the right, rotate with elbow at 90 degrees across the body....then direction, straight arm shoulder raise....dumbbells...straight out from your side, then straight out in front... Whether the theory about load bearing is right or not, have not had shoulder pain since then. Like 10 years ago or more. Was doing shoulder presses, straight/incline/decline bench press before that. Pain never came back. Thinking dumbbells lets each side work to its best without one side compensating for the other. Better way to achieve balance. On glucosamine supps..not an opinion one way or the other, besides suggesting on doing research. I think glucosamine for best bio-absorption it has to be integrated with other things. 2x your age. Running not my 'thing'. I have a glucosamin chondroitin suppliment but haven't yet researched it enough yet myself for effectiveness and bio-abosprtion. Too many things require other things to be useful to the body. Balanced whole foods plant based diet covers it all. Lots (not all) supplements are too isoloated for use in the body (in my opinion).... Wish I had more direct experience. Body will compensate for weakness on one side or upper vs lower body. Decoupling the compensation mechanism makes sense. Dumbbells do that. Using a towel or similar to change the motion on the strong side makes sense. Do note: I'm an engineer by day and education. Most fitness training comes from either personal experience or from reading a LOT of books from people like Robert Cheeke....
  18. I like what she said! At my last checkup at DR, I got full blood panel, thinking I was pretty good to go with varied diet, but alas, I was LOW in Vit-D, and towards the low-end of B-12 (still normal though!). Did lots of research and found bioavailable sources for what I need, and I think selenium is in that vitamin too!!!
  19. My put, based on Dolce principles.....to take or leave. Rule #2: Eat based on what you just did or are about to do. Pre-workout, you need to fuel up for your workout. Post-workout, you'll need to replenish and load for recover and building all those new muscles!!! When I started doing Krav Maga, I had not so much to add to the quantity of foods I was eating throughout the day, but change the timing of some. I found that 1/2 way through intensive training my energy would flag. So, my lunchtime apple became my 'on the way to Krav in the car' snack. My bottle of water for hydration during KM, became water+chia seeds. Body needs clean carbs for fuel. Brown rice, or hit up a smoothie if you like with sprouted brown rice, lots of green veggies, banana, a protein source if you like (pea, hemp protein powder) but only if your feeling like you haven't sourced enough in your foods pre-work out. Should get you feeling good, strong and energized... Good recovery foods, things with lentils, quinoa.....(a fav I like that I can cook up in bulk: chopped peppers, onion, and whatever else you like such as mushrooms, etc....cook that down...then add lentils, quinoa, cumin, and whatever spices you like, appropriate amounts of water...spinach, kale...cook till lentils and quinoa are good and soft. Usually there's no water left, so it doesn't look like stew. Just a nutrient dense, protein packed dish that stores and reheats well. Is good in the AM on whole wheat toast, or just on its own. I like to put in some chipotle peppers for smoky flavor and a little kick. Never worked out the calories from the ingredients though....homework for you! haha! Always green veg, lots water, baked potato or sweet potato maybe. The fiber plus nutrients in a well planned meal should both meet your nutritional needs and fuel you up without a sugar spike in insulin followed by crash....
  20. Hi there! Where about in Yorkshire? Spent a fair amount of time in NYorks...Scarborough, Whitby, etc. Glad to hear you got your health and yourself sorted out and back on the road to happiness and health! Happy to help with whatever you might need!
  21. Hi there from Colorado! Glad you got your body all on the mend. With some support and some help you can surely reach your goals! Sitting here looking at close to 2 feet of snow, thinking it's probably warm and sunny in Chili!
  22. Hi Alex! I'll welcome you to the group! New to the group, are you new to the plant-based lifestyle? Do share a little bio background. Shout out if you have any questions and of course if you have insights, opinions or experience to share, click away on the topics and join in!
  23. Hi! Welcome to the plant-powered lifestyle! Congrats on the decision, and not just throwing in the towel during the transition. First, with all other things staying the same activity-wise, the weight gain makes me think we need to start there. I don't pay too much attention to the carb/protein/fat ratios, Robert has a guide of 70/15/15 split. Weight gain could either combo of foods or maybe too many calories? With a variety of plants in your meals and sufficient calories I think you're probably over-thinking the carbs and proteins -- esp overdoing the carbs with every meal. Recurring hunger could be lack of fiber? Circles me back to calories per day? Probably need to also think about daily plans to prep and graze during the day, 6-ish meals per day...meal/snack/meal/snack/meal.. How is your gym performance? Strength and energy still cranked or having some changes there too? Even with a relatively clean/healthy lifestyle, your body will detox itself once you switch to a plant-based whole foods meal plan. With too much processed carbs your headaches may be linked up to needing to level out your blood sugar. As a 'for example', a smoothie with lots of greens, 1/2 a banana, some soy/almond milk, toss in some spirulena (or get this mix I received for Christmas called SuperFoods SuperGreens to add into my Nutribullet drinks), chia seeds, some ground flaxseeds, and if you're running low for the day or just put in a power workout some sort of protein source (hemp seeds, sprouted brown rice, or pea protein). All those bio-available nutrients, the fiber, Omega 3-s, etc. should keep you satiated and give you a blast of energy that lasts all morning. I just finished reading Rich Roll's book, Finding Ultra and it has a lot of info in it about plantbased nutrition especially for endurance performance. There are some good references in there too I plan to check out, let me look at it later today and get you some info from there too. Maybe list out a typical day's foods would help?
  24. A few more suggestions.... Barbell Pause Squats squat-form-After you’ve mastered squatting with load (front and back squats), you can start to incorporate pause squats. Pause squats are a great way to engage the glutes as the primary muscle to stand back up. -Start with a 3 second descent, a 3 second pause at the bottom of the squat, then a 3 second ascent. These will burn! But you will really feel your glutes working overtime to stand yourself up, and you’ll also feel more engagement of the quads as well. These are also a great way to work on the “knee buckle” by really focusing on driving up through the middle. -Stick with lighter weight to start. -Repeat for 5 sets of 3. Plié/Sumo Squats with a Dumbbell plie-squat-Start with your feet in a sumo stance with your toes pointed out to the sides, and hold a dumbbell by one end with both hands so that it is hanging perpendicular to the floor. -Pick a moderate weight, not too light, not too heavy. -Squat until quads become parallel with the floor (the dumbbell should fall just above the floor – do not let the dumbbell touch the floor). -Repeat for 3 sets of 15 Front Rack Lunges front-rack-lunge-This type of lunge provides additional load to really engage the glutes/quads as you stand up. -Starting with a barbell in the front rack position (same as the finish position of a clean), step forward with on leg, making sure that your knee doesn’t track over your toes. -Stand back up to starting position, and repeat with the other leg. Start light with this movement, it’s deceiving. Sometimes an empty barbell is plenty. -Repeat for 3 sets of 10 each leg
  25. haha! Squats for sure....if you have stairs handy, or a box or a chair or something, stepping up/dpwn is good for thighs and butt. Those ballet kind of moves too should be good...hold on to wall or back of chair, raising your leg straight out behind you...pointing your toe probably does something. Superman's might do something to your butt too...I know it's mostly core/back -- lay on floor on your stomach, legs and arms out as if in Superman flying position. raising shoulders/arms off floor a few inches and your legs simultaneously, hold for a count of 5-8 then relax....repeat 6 times.
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