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  1. Thought I'd just start with my intro.... ME: Vegetarian for 12 years, vegan for nearly 3 now. Very soon to be 45 and in best shape today than ever in my life - working on improving further. Live in Colorado. Found lots of veg/vegan friends via meetup.com which was a much needed community when most of our other friends are carnivores. HOBBIES: - Becoming a bit of a fitness nutter. Been through a couple cycles of P90X, recently added Les Mills Combat into my routine both for variety and to supplement my martial arts (Go Jiu Bujitsu -- mma with karate, judo and jiu jitsu; middle rank getting closer to green belt). - Upgraded my workouts to some heavy bag work to augment martial arts where I LOVE sparring but a lot of the time we spend on techniques vs the air. Discovered Mike Andreula at ckotrainer who offered up some heavy bag workouts that are awesome. - Recently tried and quickly became addicted to Krav Maga . 1.5 hour classes leave me physically exhausted with excellent combination of cardio, strength and brutal self-defense techniques. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! - Love motorcycling, but have been bikeless for almost 2 years after attempted bike-jacking by mule deer while riding to work at 55mph....proper gear left me unscathed, though did break a few ribs...(not recommended). - Getting better at cooking, 2013 and I discovered and became more bold with from scratch cooking and playing with spices. WHY HERE: While always considered myself very fit and pretty healthy with my eating. Started feeling fatigued towards the end of my Krav Maga classes. Tried increasing my eating on KM class days, but something still not quite right. Largely subscribe to learning to fuel up properly with foods vs supplements (just read http://veganbodybuilding.com/?page=article_workout_eating which led me to the forum). SO still have things to learn. Looks like the community for me!!! So..."HI" from me!!!! Look forward to getting/giving info with you all!
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