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  1. Thanks dude. I fluctuate between 158-162, generally at 160 most of the time.
  2. 1/10/14 Quick dynamic shoulder warm-up Close Grip Bench 45x20, 95x10, 135x8, 155x5, 185x5, 205x5, 225x5, 235x5 (PR at this bodyweight I think) Wide Grip Incline Bench 145x8, 165x3x8 Dumbell Rows strict 60x6, 70x6, 80x6, 90x6, 100x6, 110x6 Arnold Press 40x8, 50x6, 60x2x5 Pullup/Dips Superdropset 10/10, 8/8, 6/6, 5/5, 3/3 Done. Got in late so didn't have a ton of time as I have to get some sleep before work. Got some good work in though.
  3. Thanks! It's been a while since I've kept a log and I've done my best lifting during the times that I've had one, so I figured it was time to start again haha. 1/8/14 Deadlifts everything double overhand...building dat death grip 135x2x10, 225x5, 275x5, 315x3, 365x3, 385x3, 405x5x1 (passed out after last single and almost broke my thumb...really lucked out there), 315x5x5 w/ 1 min rest between sets Zercher Squats 155x2x8, 165x2x8 Leg Press 270x4x12 deadlifts took a lot out of me so that was it. I'll do some ab wheel before I hit the sack.
  4. 1/5/14 Overhead Press 45x2x10, 65x8, 95x6, 115x5, 135x3, 145x3, 150x1 --> 135x5 push press dropset Arnold Press 40x4x12 CG Bench 135x6, 155x6, 165x2x6, 175x6 Klokov Press 45x10, 65x3x10, 75x2x10 Pullups 50 L-sit, 40 wide grip, 10 wide grip/L-sit Also trained shoulders Friday night with my brothers so didn't go too crazy today
  5. Thank you, 'tis good to be here =]
  6. 1/3/14 SMR/dynamic stretching for warmup Front Squat 45x2x10, 95x8, 95x5, 135x5, 155x3, 185x2, 205x2, 225x1, 245x1, 275x1, 315x1 (PR for beltless), 225x3x5 5-1 Oly Pause Squats (explained in video) 225x5, 235x5, 240x5 Dumbell Step-ups (weight per dumbell) 30x10, 40x10, 50x10 Dragon Flags 3x5 SLDL 135x8, 185x8, 205x8, 225x8 Weighted Hyperextensions 70x5x12 Wide Grip Pullups (done throughout the entire session) 10x10 Video: (lifting starts ~3:42 if you want to skip the warmup bit and ramblings) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0si1aEZBrxw
  7. Thanks dude. I really like them, maybe I'm just being delusional but I feel like they sort of mimic the tuck and flare of the bench press, only waaaaay more exaggerated. We'll see how they pay off for me in the coming months, though. I can't believe you're only 135-140, you look bigger than me in your avatar dude haha. You got dem huge Ve-guns!
  8. 1/1/14 Bench 45x3x20 (normal grip, wide grip and close grip) 95x8 135x8 155x3 185x3 205x2 225x5x5 Incline Bench 135x8 185x3x5 Arnold Presses (dumbells) 35x10 45x10 50x10 50x5 -> 35x7 (dropset) Strict Dumbell Rows 80x2x12 90x2x12 Dips 125 total reps Pullups 60 total L-sit pullups on the rings (6x10; 2 sets pronated grip, 2 sets supinated grip, 2 sets neutral grip) 20 regular pullups on the bar (4x5) 20 chin ups on the bar (4x5)
  9. 12/29/13 Joe Defranco's agile 8 for dynamic warmup Power cleans 135x3-4 singles 155x2 singles 4" Deficit Deadlifts (everything double overhand unless otherwise noted) 225x5 275x5 315x3x5 335x5 365x5 (straps) Snatch Grip Deadlifts 225x6 245x6 255x2x6 Front Squats 45x2x5 135x5 185x5 225x3 245x3x3 Olympic Squats 225x3x6 L-Sit Pullups 50 total reps in between sets of front squats and oly squats
  10. Hey guys, I posted an intro over at VeganFitness.net a few weeks ago so I hope you don't mind me copy/pasting the same thing over here for my intro: Hey everybody, My name is Chris and I've been vegan since March 2013. Before that, I was vegetarian since sometime in 2012 (don't remember exactly). I wish I had made the switch sooner. I put it off because I felt like I was going to lose a bunch of strength and size by taking animal products out, and I realize now how wrong that perception was. I did end up losing size and strength, but that was from pushing too hard and injuring myself rather than having anything to do with my diet. I've been lifting weights for almost 11 years, with the past 5-6 years focused mainly on strength training and powerlifting. I kick myself when I think about how much stronger I could be if I had been consistent that whole time, but there were periods in that timeframe (about a year and a half in total) where I was barely lifting, if at all. World of Warcraft was more important to me at that time . My best lifts in a powerlifting competition are: 501 squat (no wraps)/512 squat (wraps), 303 bench and 551 deadlift. The 512 squat was at 165lbs, everything else at 173lbs. My best lifts ever (in and out of competition): 525 squat (no wraps)/555 squat (wraps), 325 bench and 551 deadlift. The 525 squat was done at 165lbs, everything else around 170-175. My current lifts (pretty weak as I'm still clawing my way back up after hurting my back and shoulder): ~440 squat, 285 bench and 445 deadlift at 160lbs. These are all estimates based on what I feel like I could hit based on what I've done for reps. I don't plan on testing my 1rms for a few more months, but I know I'll surpass my best lifts. I've also stopped using a belt. Even though I bought it long before I went vegan, it doesn't feel right to be wearing a belt made from leather. Plus, I want to lift totally raw. Wearing a belt has added up to 50lbs on my lifts in the past and I want to only rely on myself. Right now my focus is on promoting veganism and showing others that it's 100% possible for vegans to be big and strong and that there's nothing to be afraid of when making the change to vegan. I apologize for the shameless plug and I promise this isn't the sole reason I'm posting here, but: I have a blog at theveganstrengthproject.com and a youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG0EzUGGMVOlqggZ4D413NQ where I talk about strength training from a vegan perspective. So if it's something that interests you, feel free to check it out and share with people who might find it useful. If not, that's cool too. My hope for all of this is to help vegans who are strength training as well as show would-be vegans that their performance will only increase by going vegan--assuming they do it right. I know that CAFOs are some of the worst things we've ever devised and executed as a species, and this is me playing a part in helping to end it once and for all. For anyone interested, here are some of my lifting videos showing the lifts mentioned above: 501 unwrapped squat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNbNUAFR ... Ruj5rdGlIg 555 wrapped squat (vid says @183 but I was closer to 170) http://youtu.be/39lYl2esuBk 515 pause squat the week before I did 525 and hurt my back http://youtu.be/RYpSuIpkSNo The last meet I did http://youtu.be/Yto33n_qtec?t=6m36s 551 deadlift (with a bonus pass out) And here's the first meet I ever did: Thanks for reading!
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