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  1. Redwood sorry about that I am new here so still learning about the post I have been reading some journals here and other articles on the site about nutrition. Yesterday my diet looked like this: Breakfast: 1 cup Quinoa 1/2 cup peas 1/2 cup carrots Lunch: Big salad with Gardien Scallopini Chix Dinner: Bean and Cauliflower soup with a side of Broccoli Snack; 1 ounce peanuts... Aiming for a little protien with each meal but stikcing to mainly veggies and not too much of the soy or faux meat. Working out is the hardest thing for me but this week I will do cardio everyday for 30 minutes and start the weights on the weekend... I have found some really good information on here. I may start the 7 day challange and see how that goes. Thanks for the encouragement! Oldlunk thank you for your support and encouragement too... Hopefully I will be my fittest at 50! (my goal)
  2. Thank you Rabbit for the advice. I absolutely want to slim down and tone up. I think my biggest challange is meal planning... oh and of course finding the energy to get started. Jillianb
  3. I am a 50 year old woman who has been vegetarian for the past 4 years and a vegan for the past 1 year.... I have never really done any strength training and have lacked on the cardio the past few years... although I am vegan I am about 20+ pounds overweight (5'4" and 155 lbs. BMI 26) and would like to change that. With the new year I have set some goals for myself but would like to ask each of you if it is realistic to think that I may transform this body into a lean and very fit one... so here are a few things about me....I do not have the funds for a personal trainer, I do not like the artificial sweetners and have a hard time with the protien supplements in general (I have tried them all and do not like them) I have a hard time figuring out what to eat and usally end up with a soy milk drink for breakfast and the rest of the day is filled with pasta or something else easily made.... what can I expect and where do I start?
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