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  1. Thanks. I have really restricted my cardio and mainly lift weights, it's just trying to get rid of that last bit of podge!!! I will take on board what you have said and review my diet and calorie intake. Thank you.
  2. Whilst trying to achieve more bulk - in terms of strength and size of lean muscle I have started to notice that my stomach remains slightly 'inflated or bloated'. I have started to look at my macros (with help from people on this forum - using other sites). However, I was only doing minimal cardio. This was due to the fact that I was under the impression that cardio would burn off gains made via lifting weight. I am not sure if this is the case and would appreciate some advice on the matter. All of my weight training workouts start with a 5 minute jog on a treadmill to get the blood pumping and heart rate up. I do complete 1 cardio session a week, but this only lasts for 1 hour: 20 minute run on a treadmill. Abs work outs. Punchbag work. Skipping. Should i incorporate more cardio into a daily workout in order to get the best possible lean muscle I can? I dont want to lose gains, but would like to see a six pack and lean muscle.
  3. I definitely prefer weight training at night, around 9.00pm is when I feel at my peak. Still going with the 6 days a week training, still feel pretty good and enjoying it. After 6 weeks I am going to change the routine to 5 days a week and increase the weight on all exercises whilst reducing the reps. Hopefully to try and keep my body on its toes. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Which vegan protein is the best to use? I currently purchase from 'My Protein' as I live in the UK and they deliver fast and offer a wide range of protein powders. I have tried: Soy (not bad but the flavours are sugared which I dont want to use). Hemp (alright until about a week in and then my stomach feels really bad - nauceous). Pea Protein (I do get bloated if I use this on the morning). Brown Rice (never tried yet)??? I realise that each will have their pro's and cons, maybe I should be using 2 different ones a different times of day (Rawmatt pointed out on another thread that pea protein can cause gas if used early in the day).
  5. Thanks Rawmatt. Some really good advice in there that I will follow. I did not know much of what you have said in terms of eating specific foods at specific times ie Pea protein only to be used in the evening. I have been feeling bloated since moving from Soy protein to Pea protein in the early afternoon. Thanks for the advice on Broccolli, I have been trying to use it regularly, but will now mix up my leafy greens to get a good mix. Many thanks.
  6. Thanks. I will definitely have a look.
  7. How many calories should I be having per day? I train 6 days a week, mainly weights and I am looking to add lean muscle and strength. I weigh 154lbs as I am more athletic than bulky. I have never really lifted weights before, but recently started and I am enjoying it. My height is 5 ft 9 inches. I am currently consuming around 2800 calories in the following: Breakfast: 1 x banana. 1 x apple. 2 x slices of toast with minimal peanut butter. 1 x coffee Mid morning snack: Pea protein x 1 scoop of 30g. 3 x scoops of porridge oats (90g). 10g peanut butter. 1 x banana. Topped up with water in a shaker. 1 x coffee Lunch: 100g chickpeas. 20g Kale Broccolli Quinoa or buckwheat 50g Yoghurt Frozen fruit 15g Porridge oats 1 x pear Midafternoon: Salad mixed with olives, quinoa, tomatoes, onion, peppers. 1 x apple 1 x pear 1 x banana Dinner: 1 x quinoa Vegetable curry 1 x coffee (pre workout) After workout: 1 x scoop pea protein powder (30g) 2 x Ryvita crackers with peanut butter. I would basically just like to know if the above is too much or too little. I do seem to be adding weight (in the right areas) but I am feeling bloated and heavy around the stomach. I have just been looking at 2800 calories as this is an uplift on what I used to eat which was around 1600. Any advice is much appreciated.
  8. I have started training with free weights at home and have followed 'mini forklifts' plan that he put on another thread - working muscle categories as follows: Chest/Triceps Back/Biceps Shoulders Legs I have been working these over continuous days (having 1 rest day per week). I am enjoying it (I didnt think I would), I am also seeing results which is pleasing (thanks for the advice mini forklift). I would just want to know if training consecutive days is wrong? Should I be training alternate days with cardio inbetween? Should I just be training alternate days? Any help would be beneficial, thanks.
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