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  1. Hello! I'm trying to lose body fat (I have 25% of BF - I want to lose at least 5 %). My diet consists of 50% carbs (only good carbs, 200g), 30% protein (120g) and 20% fat (35g). I eat 1600 kcal (my basal metabolic rate is 1300 kcal). I'm trying to eat more carbs in the first half od day and more fat and protein in the second half of day.


    This is how I usually eat:

    Breakfast - oatmeal with one piece of fruit, seeds or nuts and protein powder

    Snack - usually protein shake after gym

    Lunch - rice with veggies, legumes and sometimes with seitan (or tofu/tempeh)

    Snack - tofu curd with rice cakes, sometimes with nuts too/homemade protein bar/rice cakes with peanut butter

    Dinner - vegetables salad with legumes and seitan (or tofu/tempeh)


    I go to the gym 4 times a week. I lift weights (around 30-40 minutes) and do cardio (not more than 30 minutes).


    Do you think I will reach my goal with this plan? Or should I try another plan/carbs cycling?


    Thank you for all answers! ♥

  2. I thought caloric intake, not protein intake..the protein is good, but if I eat not much fat than I don't have enough kcal...I don't have problem to eat less fat, more likely the other way around - I'm trying to teach myself to eat more nuts, etc., but as I said I have a problem to have enough calories, when I don't eat more fat...I don't know if I can eat more carbs instead of so much fat - if it can help (I should eat around 40 g of fat, but obviously I eat only around 30 g) Why should I eat fat only for breakfast or before to go to sleep?

  3. i think that if your goal is to get muscles so you need to build mass first and to build mass you need carbs. i think is normal to have extra fat, and you should start to worry about definition maybe later.

    about calories.. what is your diet? you get supplements like protein powders? what is your goal? how is your training schedule?



    I want to lose fat and get ripped. I get only protein powders, I go to gym 4 times per week (I do classic exercise like squats,leg extension, dumbbell lunge, bench-press, skull crushers, standing calf raise, etc.) and then cardio for 30 minutes and I also do yoga 1 time per week.

    My diet looks like: I eat oatmeal (40 g of oatflakes) with rice milk (100 ml), 200 g of fruit, nuts (10 g), raisins (10-15g), seeds (3 g), then If I was at the gym I have snack - 50 g of protein powder with water. Lunch is mostly brown rice (around 60 g of non-cooked) with pulses (100-150 g) and vegetables (150-450 g), afternoon snack is oatflakes with milk, nuts and fruit (50 g, sometimes 100 g). And for dinner I usually have salad (tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, lettuce, carrot...) with pulses and sometimes with nuts (or tahini dressing). When I wasn't at the gym that day I usually have second dinner - 25 g of protein powder with water.

  4. Is there somebody who is really cutted, but eat a lots of fruit? One year ago I ate a lots of carbs (from fruit, vegetables, oat flakes, muesli, etc.) and not enough protein (just around 40 g), I started to do workout and my muscle grew. Now I'm trying to lose fat (I was overeating in the autumn) and getting ripped in the more healthy way - I eat around 1550 kcal (81 g of protein, 213 g of carbs and 41 g of fat) and I'm 5'6 tall and I weight 126 lbs. The carbs are problem for me, to keep them low...I really miss fruit, but I read not to eat too much fruit when I want lose fat (now I eat max. 300 g per day). Wha't your opinion?

  5. Hi, I need help with my diet! One year ago I ate similar amount of calories (sometimes a little bit less), but I didn't eat enough protein - I ate a lots of fruit, vegetables, oatflakes, muesli, homemade "healthy" desserts, etc - mainly carbs, then pulses, sometimes tofu and nuts&seeds. I ate only around 40 g of protein per day, sometimes even less. I was thin and I started to do workout - muscles grew although my protein intake was low.

    Last few months I gained weight (10 kg), cause I started to eat more (I started to eat more protein and even carbs as well) and sometimes I ate too much - something out of it are muscles (I went to gym 4 times per week), but a lots of fat too. Now I want to lose weight and get ripped. I started to eat more protein (1,5 g per 1 kg - it's 81 g of protein for me) and cutted carbs (213 g). Do you think it's good for my goal? (Btw. I'm 5'6 tall and I weight 128 lbs, I want to lose only around 7 pounds jus to get more ripped and have less fat.)

    Can I gain weight (not muscles of course, but fat) from protein? I red about "protein" and "carb" type of people, I think I'm carb type (I really miss fruit - now I don't eat more than 3 pieces of fruit per day), cause I was really thin even if I ate mainly carbs. But I'm scared that I will lose my muscles when I will eat as one year ago. Any help?

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