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    13lb weight loss so far in 10 days!!
  2. Thanks I have lots of different tofu mostly fruitarian diet though
  3. Had some of these today http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/Shopping/FindProducts.aspx?Query=tofu&Store=Ocado really like them but I was wondering if they have too much fat in them as I am trying to loose weight and get healthy. I have been fully vegan 1 week now and I have gone from 14st 11lb to 14st 4lb feeling better and healthier already !!
  4. Brandan


    Well day one today found it much easier than I thought!!! Felt happier then usual normally after my full english at work I start to get fed up and tired ad fruit and bar today for breakie and had more energy then ever
  5. Brandan


    Hello, I'm brandan I live in the uk I am 21 I have been a meat eater for as long as I can remember a couple of year ago I used to be fit as a fiddle but since then I have gone down hill dramatically weight and health wise. I used to be a keen runner running 10 miles a day with ease although now I struggle to walk 5 mile without complaining. I have decided enough is enough as my whole attitude has changed and I have gone from been a happy confident person to a nasty person who rages over the slightest thing. I live with my beautiful girlfriend who is also interested in going vegan. I am hoping I start to enjoy the taste of food again and not just enjoy food because I am eating it. I am hoping to start on a low calorie(easy and cheap to maintain) vegan diet whilst going to the gym, until I feel fit enough to go outside running again. If anyone could give me some simple meal ideas I would be very grateful! BRANDAN.
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