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  1. I'm wondering for those of you with pets if you also keep a vegan diet for your little loved ones. I've fed my dog mainly a vegetarian/pescetarian diet, but notice that she really loves meat. Also she will not eat anything with tofu in it. Does anyone here have good recipes for dogs or cats? I'm thinking of compiling recipes for a Vegan Pet Cookbook if anyone would like to share some ideas! Vanessa
  2. I absolutely adore those soyrizo dogs and tofu hotdogs, but my high intake of tofu has been inhibiting my iron absorption. I've also read that fermented tofu is much better for you than regular tofu, so perhaps tempeh hotdogs/ burgers might be a healthier option.
  3. Wow! That looks brilliant and absolutely lovely! What is your recipe? I'm also iron deficient as well, and have tried to incorporate more iron into my diet, unfortunately I also drink a lot of green tea, which inhibits iron absorption. Is your friend mainly vegetarian? Vanessa
  4. Hiya James, Thanks for the article and the warm welcome! I noticed that you like the Solgar multivitamin- is there a reason why you prefer it over others? Also, as a vegan or vegetarian, do you find it challenging to naturally supplement with Arginine, Lysine and Taurine? What is your view on amino acids? As for me, I've been a vegan for the last year, and I've found recently I am zinc and iron deficient. Do you have any suggestions for diet or supplements aside from taking zinc and iron supplements? Thank you in advance Vanessa
  5. Hi everyone, I'm wondering which supplements you take for both nutrition and health? And any you find beneficial or not beneficial and your experiences with various supplements. Thanks in advance, Vanessa
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