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  1. Okay cool thanks, I'll look in to it. Seen it mentioned but no idea what it is. Thanks
  2. Excellent, thanks. I have access to a machine so will mix up all the above. Thanks.
  3. Blimey, well you've obviously got natural tone which unfortunately I don't have. Another time consuming issue I have is trying to use free weights with the right technique. I'm okay with chest, legs but back is more difficult for me still. Can't manage pull ups yet so trying to master dumbbell row whilst keeping form. Also need to build the intensity, i'm fine with the first major muscle but after that i'm done and easily retire. One things for sure though, i'm going to reach my goal!
  4. Great thanks. I'll take this onboard and see how I get on. I've lost weight the wrong way in the past (i.e starving myself) but this time i'm determined to build muscle and it's a life long change. I'll do a photo each month to track progress. vegantri, how long had you been doing weights on those photo's? Even the first photo you've great definition, how long did that take and did you have natural toning when you started out? Fantastic progress though so thanks for the tips. Jay
  5. Sorry hadn't seen your message. I've been vegetarian for 15 years but vegan only two months since watching forks over knives. Been eating healthily for six weeks, was drinking/eating way too much beforehand.
  6. Here is the brutal truth of where i'm at today. I am 14st 10lbs and 30% body fat. I have been eating well for six weeks and initially lost 7lbs in the first two weeks but haven't lost since. I did change my diet after two weeks by introducing two protein shakes a day. My diet is usually: Nuts breakfast protein shake mid morning tofu salad lunch cashew nut green curry dinner protein shake 1 day off a week. I want to get to about 12% body fat and still build muscle so anyone who has done the same or can offer advice, it's really appreciated. Jay
  7. Here's the brutal truth of where i'm at. As stated i'm 27% body fat wanting to get down to 12% and build muscle at the same time. Tips and help is much appreciated. cheers The brutal truth
  8. Thursday 6th Feb DB Bench Press 24kg x 8 20kg x 8 20kg x 8 Incline DB Press 18kg x 8 18kg x 8 10 Press Ups barbell bi-cep curls 10kg x 8 10kg x 8 10kg x 8 15 mins on bike Diet Oats and cashew nuts with almond mile Protein shake Tofu with spring onion and spinach Protein shake Chick pea curry with spinach and sweet potato Saturday 8th Feb 30 mins cardio on bike
  9. Great thanks for that. Will stick with what I'm doing then and see how I get on.
  10. So do you think my diet and programme fits to reducing body fat and gaining muscle? Could also introduce cardio? Or reduce my diet.
  11. Yeah that's the tricky bit, need to build muscles whilst losing body fat.
  12. Great advice thank you. I'll give all that a go and let you know how I get on. I definitely want to be defined but need to build muscle so guess it's a case if trial and error to get the balance. I'm 27% body fat so want that down to about 14% Thanks
  13. Great advice MF, thank you, ill take this onboard.
  14. Thanks for replying. Sorry bit confused. You referring to monday chest workout? Where does it have 4 reps? They're mainly between 10 - 15 reps with 4 sets on each. How does the diet look to you? To lose body fat and gain muscle? cheers Jay
  15. Hi - I'm starting a journal in the hope of some sound advice to help me improve and get results. My workout routine is as follows: Workout programme Monday Incline d.b fly 6kg x 15 8kg x 12 10kg x 12 12kg x 12 Incline d.b press 15kg x 10 20kg x 10 Flat bench d.b fly 8kg x 12 10kg x 12 12kg x 12 flat bench d.b press 20kg x 10 25kg x 8+ Dips Body weight x as many as possible x 3 sets Cable rope triceps extension 4 sets of increasing weight x 10 Tuesday Pull down machine - warm up / pick a weight that you can complete for a comfortable set - 2 sets x 12 reps D.b row - 15 x 12 20 x 10 25 x 8 30 x 7+ 30 x 7+ B.b row ( total weight i.e. 10kg either side + 20kg bar = 40kg ) 40kg x 12 50kg x 10 50kg x 10 T-bar row 40kg x 10 50kg x 8 60kg x 6 ( use own judgment regarding weight on following exercises) B.b curl - 3 sets x 12 D.b hammer curl - like a regular dumbbell curl but with a neutral grip ( palms facing the body ) 2 sets x 12 B.b Reverse curl Like a barbell curl but with a pronated grip ( over hand grip ) 2 sets x 12 Thursday Standing barbell press - total weight 30kg x 6 35kg x 4 40kg x 4 45kg x 2+ D.b shrugs 40kg x 12 52kg x 6+ 52kg x 6+ 30kg x 12 B.b upright row 10kg x 12 15kg x 12 20kg x 10 20kg x 10 D.b side lateral raise 4kg x 10 x 4 sets Plate front raise 10kg x 10 12kg x 10 15kg x 8+ Lying shallow incline lateral raise 4kg x 12 6kg x 12 7/8kg x 12 Saturday Leg extension 4 sets of increasing weight x 12 Leg press ( Total weight ) 100kg x 12 150kg x 10 190 x 6+ Squat ( total weight i.e. 10kg either side + 20kg bar = 40kg ) 40kg x 10 50kg x 8 60kg x 6 70kg x 4+ Leg curl 4 sets of increasing weight x 12 Dead lift - total weight 40kg x 8 60kg x 6 70kg x 4 Abs Leg raise Cable Crunch Typical diet is: breakfast 9am oats with mixed nuts and raisins 11.30am protein shake 1pm houmous and nuts salad 4pm protein shake 5.30 workout 7.30pm thai green curry with tofu and cashew nuts Any pointers would be much appreciated. I'm 6ft tall and currently starting out at 27% body fat and 93kg weight. Want to shred fat and build muscle if possible. thanks Jay
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