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  1. I have to lose at least 5-6kg of pure fat (I injured myself and I spent too much time on the counch ) but in the longterm my goal is build some muscle and, more important, gain strenght. I would like to be able to perform at least 3 pullups without the chair (but even a single pullup would be great), squat a decent amount of weight and improve in the short-distance running. PS. when I asked about machines I wasn't referring to cardio machines... I just discovered that "my" gym has set a daily limit of 20 minutes per person
  2. I think most trainers I met weren't incompetent people... they just don't have time to follow everybody so they try to "get rid of the newbie" by giving him/her a pre-made workout printed from a computer. And I have never found a gym where there is always someone available, most of the times there is only a trainer who also has to teach a class (zumba, spinning) at the same time. So that's why I don't like gyms. However, I want to ask you a question: do you think I can really train with a limited equipment? I have dumbbells, a bench, ankle weights and a stationary bike. I just made a quick research and all the workouts I found required machines. Do I really need them? If so, why?
  3. HI C.O.! Thanks for replying Before deciding to training by myself, at home, I wasted a lot of time looking for the right gym and this was pointless. Seriously... last trainer I met wanted me to do the same workout (with a ridiculous number of reps, up to 16-20) 4 times a week for SIX weeks! He said this is the only way for a woman to lose fat... but sorry, I don't believe this So... I am not completely new, I know how to perform the most basic exercises but I don't know how to arrange them into a proper workout... that's where I need guidance PS. I am starting a journal, if not today, tomorrow
  4. Hi guys I'm Isaura, I'm 22 years old and I hate introductions. I never know what to say so I will go straight to the point: I have always been into fitness, but I want to start training "for real". I am looking for gain some muscle but I also need to shred a bit of fat. Now I am completely out of shape because I come from a period of forced rest due to an injury (nothing serious, fortunately), but before I used to focus only on cardio. I think it's time to change as I have never got the results I wanted, even if I trained harder and harder. Today I started my new routine, based on 15 minutes of HIIT on stationary bike + 30 minutes of yoga in the morning, and ~40 minutes of strength training in the evening. As I said, I'm new to lifting weights and I haven't access to a GYM... so I don't know if I am doing the right thing. I definitely need some guidance! I was thinking of starting a journal... so I can post my routine and my meals. In the meanwhile, any tips are welcome Thanks and sorry for my English Isaura
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