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  1. Hey y'all, I hate these typos of "Hi, I'm me" posts, but they are kind of a requirement in most places. I'm Mike. I like doing heavy squats, listening to Punk Rock and eating way more carrots than I need to. It seems like this place isn't too active, but I'm looking forward to lurking the old threads to see what sort of knowledge I can pick up. Cheers.
  2. I have one day that's squats, deads and then romanian deads. I don't see any real problem with it. It's worked for me anyway.
  3. 155. My bench is by far my weakest lift. It's constantly moving up though, which rules.
  4. My deadlift is straight embarrassing. I barely break 200 lbs. I was doing 225-ish, but constantly fucking up my back, so I decided to try pulling sumo instead. It has alleviated any back trouble, but my lifts have dropped down substantially. Super annoying.
  5. Last time I tested my 1RM, I moved 225. That was a couple months ago, and now I think it would be closer to 235, but I won't know until I test again in a couple weeks.
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