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  1. Haha this is my hubby doing a double take at the double unders LOL
  2. Today was rough. I had jump rope HIIT which I love but misread and did it twice through instead of once. My calves want to murder me. Did a 20 min full body circuit (omg more jump rope) and then 6 round of sparring. I feel like I got hit by a car. Jump rope HIIT 40 seconds WORK, 10 seconds REST. . Basic Bounce Alternate-Foot Step Side Straddle X-Foot Cross Forward Straddle Full Twister Bell Jump Skier’s Jump Forward Shuffle Backward Shuffle High Step Power Jumps (Double Unders) Full body circuit 50 seconds WORK, 10 seconds REST. Perform the circuit 2 times Jump Rope – High Step Push-ups with Dumbbell Row Jump Rope – High Step Triceps Dips – Off Chair Jump Rope – High Step Squat Thrusters Jump Rope – High Step Breakdancer Planks Jump Rope – High Step Alternating Step Ups with Dumbbells -
  3. 30 seconds WORK, 10 seconds REST do it 4 times for a total of 22 minutes. Medicine Ball Burpees with Push Up and Squat Front Punch Out Alternating Toe Taps on Medicine Ball with Biceps Curls Medicine Ball Rolling Push Ups Alternating Toe Taps on Medicine Ball with Biceps Curls Boats with a Medicine Ball Twist Alternating Toe Taps on Medicine Ball with Biceps Curls Medicine Ball Side Lunges with Overhead Press After that 8 rounds of boxing, 3 on the bag and 5 with the focus mitts. The toe taps on the ball are brutal. I wanted to puke.
  4. Today is my rest day so that means extra coffee, pinterest, and yoga
  5. Haha we are naughtiness twins in that case because that sounds EXACTLY like what would happen to me, just replace the ladies with gentlemen.
  6. I got both of my bags on craigslist, haha and both came with gloves!! I love shadow boxing. I hung a mirror in my gym (aka downstairs) and i always make sure to get in a few round there too. My diet is basically clean, I pretend I follow IIFYM but I rarely want junk (but then when I want it I can have it!) I keep my calories just around maintenance. 30% protein 40% fat 30% carbs (sorry, how would I write that?) I eat tons of lentils, chickpeas and green veggies, I always have apples, bananas, mango and frozen berries of all kinds in the house, my fats are usually nuts, nut butters, avocado, chia, coconut. I like vega sport protein. I have a big garden so if it ever becomes spring here I will have tons of veggies. My weaknesses are popcorn, coconut milk ice cream and tortilla chips.
  7. Today's workout was killer. I used a standard 12 rounds of boxing but for the 1 minute rest in between rounds I did a different exercise. For the first 5 rounds of shadow boxing I used 3lb hand weights, 6 with 1.5lb weighted gloves and then the last round with the 3lb hand weights again. In between I did the exercises as follows for one minute- Kettlebell Front Squat 12kg KB 21 reps KB swings 24kg (That always blows my mind because it's half my BW) 22 swings Romanian dead lift 65lbs 25 reps Pistol squats left & Right 10kg kb 24 reps, 12 each leg (30 seconds ea side) BW squat 28 reps suitcase dead lift left & right sides 16kg KB 22 reps, 11 ea side (30 seconds ea side) Barbell glute bridge 65lbs 32 reps Lunges with a twist 10kg KB 22 reps Kettlebell Halo 20 each direction 10kg KB Seesaw press 10kg KB 25 reps Kettlebell Curls 10kg (these are soooo heavy for me!) 26 reps (30 seconds ea arm) bent over KB rows 10kg 17 rep ea side KB Snatch 36 reps 1 min per side Also I counted my punches today 3,480 I set up everything I needed around my home gym (I am insanely lucky) before I started so I could just flow through it. It was very hard with no rest, as soon as the timer sounds you start boxing again. I am very very sore tonight but tomorrow is an active rest day (yoga) so I am looking forward to it. I took some ab pics today. The thing for me is that I never had abs. I was overweight until college and then ended up with anorexia in the hospital fighting to get better. In early recovery I had my first kid and then two more! My body never got a break and I lost a massive amount of weight after pregnancy, I have so much loose skin and stretch marks that I TRY to embrace but its hard. A year ago I was fit and happy but I never would have shown my abs. Its a HUGE deal for me to be comfortable like this!! Pic one is from today and then the second pic is a comparison for Feb to now. Honestly I cant believe I am comparing "after" pics. I never thought Id come so far.
  8. HIIT first today 40 seconds WORK, 10 seconds REST. 4 times for a total of 24 minutes. Jump Rope (High Step) Triceps Dips (off edge of chair or stool) Alternating Jumping Jack Planks (5 reps) with Mountain Climbers (5 reps) Chair “Walk-Over” Push-ups (side to side) Squat Jumps Alternating 2 Knee Hug Crunches with 2 Bicycle Crunches Burpees with Push-Up Then boxing which consisted of 4 rounds with 3lb hand weights, 4 rounds on the bag and 6 rounds of focus mitts. Lots of foam rolling today.
  9. Thanks! Break dancer planks are planks with a twist and a toe tap on the opposite side. Its all fun until I want to throw up in the end LOL
  10. Today was a good training session. Had to be quick though because I had a million errands to run, cat to the vet, groceries, GNC.. all that. HIIT 30 seconds work, 10 seconds rest Sumo Squats with Kettlebells (I used two 35 pound KB’s) Jump Squats Dead Lifts (I used two 35 pound KB’s) Half Burpee with Dead Lift (I used a 25 pound KB) Ball Hamstring Curl Break Dancer Planks Two-Handed Kettlebell Swing (I used a 53 pound KB) Star Jumps Jump Rope (High Step) X-Foot Cross Jumping Jacks (I used 5 pound dumbbells) 3x It was pretty horrible by the end, star jumps are killer. Next I had 4 rounds shadow boxing and 4 on the heavy bag. I am super sore, my kids "lost" my foam roller and I have turned the house inside out looking for it.
  11. Just to track and share what I'm doing, eating, feeling, all that. Oh, and probably a TON of pictures
  12. Thanks! I am so passionate about becoming a better boxer and building more muscle I feel like I drive my few friends CRAZY! Cant wait to dive in and learn from you all.
  13. BoxingDonkey


    Hello, I'm Katheryne, mom to three kids (ages 3, 5 and 7). My weight loss/gain history is long and crazy but the last few years Ive maintained my weight and put on muscle. My main interests are boxing and kettlebells but I got a barbell for valentines day so that has quickly taken over! I used to run a lot and never lift (I seem to hear this story alllll the time) and since I ditched running and focused on strength training my whole body has changed (duh). I am still super hard on myself for the loose skin I have from 3 kids and losing 89lbs but every day I become a bit more confident. I will be 30 in a few months and I would really like to see my abs by then. I know that sounds incredibly superficial but it isn't. I think I will be able to get there. I cook everything at home and I have a huge garden if it ever becomes spring.... I would just love to make some friends and get some help Some pics, hope thats ok This was the beginning of April Two weeks later most recent. Mid april Boxing, now and then!
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