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  1. Thanks for the encouragement guys! I'll keep you all posted on my progress!
  2. I know I said I was not into protein powers, but if I were to try one out, which is the best for muscle gain?
  3. Thanks, I keep on going with this. Anyone have any good routines for increasing chest and shoulder mass? Gonna try to focus on that!
  4. Read Daniels running firmula, by jack Daniels. Read it and make it your bible.
  5. Thanks! My goal right now is to add a few lbs, hopefully be up to 160 by may or so. And my goals are to add some serious thickness on my back, chest, and shoulders. But weight gain has always been a challenge for me. But I'll keep you guys updated on my progress. I still don't have a regular regimen, but I'm working on that too. Lol Also, here's a pic of my calf's, they would only let me add 3 pictures last time... Lol And sorry for the bad pic, it was hard to try to take pic myself...
  6. Hey everyone! Here's a little bit about me: -I have never been in a bodybuilding routine -I'm mainly a runner (used to run ~80 miles a week a few years ago, now run 4-6 x/wk, 3-6 miles - ~30 miles a wk) *I sometimes switch a run for spin class in the gym -I go to the gym, usually after a run (3-5x/wk - only lift for about 20-40 mins) -When I lift at the gym, I have no plans of what to do, I just workout whatever muscles I feel like (usually do circuit training, aiming at different muscle - I do a lot of chest and back, and hardly ever do biceps/triceps - forearms are non-existent in my current training. lol) -Since I run, I have never had a "leg day" (although I feel my legs are pretty big - I used to complain that they were too big when I was a runner) -And I'm pretty inconsistent with my workouts... Lol - although I've been doing pretty well the last 2 months Diet: -2 months completely vegan (I try to do as much raw - nuts and fruits especially) - Have maintained weight since going vegan -6 months prior to being vegan, I was about 60% vegan (ate fish sometimes and had milk and cheese) -I have no plans to ever eat meat, fish, or dairy ever again -I don't like using protein powder (not even the vegan ones) Stats: -5'5.5" (166 cm) -140 lbs So enough about me, I'm here to look for help. I'm completely new to bodybuilding and was looking for a good routine to do. I'm trying to build mass, hopefully get to around 160 sometime soon. I've also put some pics, so feel free to critique what parts I should work on and what workouts I should be doing. How much should I be eating? Also, I love running, running ~30 miles a week is cutting it back quite a bit for me already. I am willing to cut back a little bit more, but I can't imagine running less than 20 miles a week... Lol Thanks everyone! All your input would be much appreciated!
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