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  1. Also if someones goals were to simply recover and put on strength, rather than mass, what would the requirement be per kg of bodyweight?
  2. Would protein meal timing perhaps be more important? Thoughts? I would also assume carbs would be important after cardio to stave off the body from using protein for glucose.
  3. Hey Shanna, Welcome and congratulations on your progress so far! Ultimately I think loosing extra body fat will come down to having a small caloric deficit. You could possibly put all of your food you eat in a day into Cronometer and figure out how many calories you are consuming. Then use an online calculator for calorie deficits to work out how much you need to eat to loose some fat mass. Then just adjust your food down a little and/or add some more exercise to have a small manageable deficit.
  4. Interesting story. My old personal trainer became very spiritual and meditated quite a lot. Whenever he ate meat it would disrupt his meditations.
  5. Thanks all for the welcome! It is great to find like minded people. Sometimes the new lifestyle can feel a little isolating. Hey Mik I agree completely. Spiritualism and vegan-ism do go hand in hand. See you around the forum.
  6. Hey all, I've just signed up as I am getting back into strength training and was looking for some like minded people to hang out with. I've been a mostly vegan for about 2 years. Originally I did it purely for health reasons and now environmental and ethical. You see my upbringing in a carnistic world helped to lead me astray and follow pseudo scientific non-sense such as low carb paleo style diets in an effort to loose weight. Of course long term this did not really work out at all. It did however work to get a bowel cancer diagnosis at the age of 26. Anyway still having a bit of an existential crises but successfully in remission (aided by a plant based diet) I am looking to get back into strength training. I've only been cycling in the beautiful Brisbane weather and have let my strength fail quite spectacularly! It's time to get some tone, strength and low body fat going! Look forward to contributing here. You never know, maybe I'll become some kind of vegan warrior like Frank Medrano
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