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  1. For me, it's healthier to be blunt. When I tried the polite approach I had so much built up anger and frustration inside of me. To pretend to respect people despite their decision to eat animal products is extremely unhealthy, both for the movement and mental health. Obviously I don't mean you should judge everyone for eating meat - but the ones who know the issues and still fund it, f*ck them. It's unhealthy for me to have those people in my life. There's a high chance that they not only don't give a shit about animals, but they don't care about humans either, including me. So good riddance. Those people won't change regardless of how you act. I consider myself to be a pretty nice and understanding person in general, so maybe we have slightly different meanings for the word "blunt". I have turned a few people vegan with the polite approach, but at the same time I didn't really sugarcoat things with those people either. But I've turned the most people vegan through my blunt approach, where I've gone on rants about it. Can't say how much of a relief it was to get all that off my chest AND have people actually support me over it. Doesn't mean you have to be a total asshole, but people should know how serious the issues are. There have been many times it would have been more convenient for me to not be so passionate about the cause. But if people have a problem with my passion for it, that truly is their fault, not mine. I'm not going to censor myself for their benefit. I would be lying to both myself, and them.
  2. I'm personally in favor of the blunt approach when spreading awareness of the issues of animal agriculture. I don't understand how people can be polite about such a horrific problem. Blunt doesn't mean you have to disrespect the people you're talking to, but it does mean you don't sugarcoat anything and try to butter people up. A lot of people might have a problem with you being blunt, but those people who have a problem with it weren't going to go vegan anyway. I've been vegan for four years and have tried probably every approach in spreading awareness of the issues and getting people to take action. At first, I tried to be a politician. I guess it was partly because I wasn't completely confident yet, and partly because I really thought that if I was nice to people and respected them, they would listen. But I found out over time that in general, the people who are not ready to accept responsibility are going to try their hardest to look for faults in you and your message no matter how nice you try to be about it. I also found out that a lot of people will respect you for being blunt. It was pretty amazing when I realized that my message was actually more effective when I didn't try to sugarcoat it, and I really showed my passion for the cause. All that time I tried to be as patient as possible with people, and they probably would have listened more if I really told them what I thought. You always hear the phrase, "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar", but that is not an applicable expression for everything. Placating meat eaters does no good for the animals. People need to understand how serious the issue is. And if you pussyfoot around and concentrate more on the feelings of the meat eaters than the feelings of the animals, that message is not going to be very effective. Feel free to add your thoughts.
  3. Do people use the chat here very often?
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