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  1. Hi, What do you guys feel about this Routine? A friend of mine does something similar to this and I added some of my own stuff to make it interesting. Suggestions are welcome to make it better! Day 1: Back and Biceps Back: Pull Ups Seated Cable Rows Dumbbell Row Hyper Extensions Dumbbell Shoulder Shrug Biceps: Hammer Curls Dumbbell Curls Overhead Cable Curls Concentration Curls Day 2: Legs and Abs Legs: Squats Leg Press Leg Extension Leg Curls Calf Raises Abs: In and Outs Bicycles Crunchy Frog Cross Leg/Wide Leg Sit Up Fifer Scissors Hip Rock and Raise Pulse Ups V-Up/Roll-Up Oblique V-Ups Leg Climbs Mason Twist Day 3: Chest, Triceps and Shoulders Chest: Bench Press Incline Bench Press Decline Bench Press Dumbbell Fly Triceps: Tricep Pull Downs Seated Dips Skullcrushers Shoulders: Straight Arm Lateral Raise Frontal Raise Military Press *Cardio Every Other Day*
  2. Hey guys, Im new here and fairly new to lifting. I was just wondering what is your workout routines? Its just so i can get a clear prospective and in corporate something in mine. Lately its been I cardio for a half hour and then every day I work on a different part of the body. Is that good? or nay?
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