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  1. Working out DOES NOT make you skinny, cardio does...don't have any fear that you will be getting skinnier because you are strength training. As long as you are eating ALOT, you will be gaining mass and strength the harder you work at it. Body weight exercises are great and I would definitely recommend doing them everyday, if you do not have access to weights for isolation exercises. If your arms are all sore and weak from too many push ups the night before, this is good. This is Hypertrophy, when your muscles grow and tear because you've worked them out. Unless your arms are really sore, don't rest a day. Doing these exercises everyday will get your body in grow mode.
  2. Wow, with so many factors working against you it's amazing to hear anyone else's excuse for not hitting the gym. You go girl!
  3. I drink beer for the most part but have cut waaay down and I seem to have lost all my tolerance when i went Vegan!
  4. This is an issue that nearly everyone faces at one point or another... they're called " Negs" . People that will constantly be throwing negativity at you at every possible chance. They don't understand what or why you are doing what you are doing, and will always question your sanity. Although more often than not, true friends will come around and respect your choices once they see how serious you are, there will always be those that will continue to mock you. Stand up for yourself and demand that if they are truly your friend, they must stop making immature comments and respect your decision to better yourself if they want to associate with you. Negativity, whether in the form of a lame joke at your expense or shoving "unhealthy food" in your face sucks, and noone on a quest for personal enlightenment deserves it. Your energy is responsive to the energy you keep around you. Surround yourself in positivity and you will attract the things that you want in life.
  5. I take a soy based protein available at Whole Foods and I really enjoy it mixed with tea, Maca powder, and cacao powder. I stick to the "lb per gram" theory as it has worked well for me. You take in too much protein and you will inevitably end up on the shitter for long periods of time. http://media.fooducate.com/products/images/180x180/4EA7EF9B-2E64-48FF-46CE-916FD34DDED8.jpeg 0.82G per LB is the optimal level of protein intake. I round up to 1gr personally. After that it doesn't matter how much protein you take in, your body doesn't process it. Protein is not all you need to gain strength and mass. Here is an article with loads of info gathered from a slew of scientific trials http://bayesianbodybuilding.com/the-myth-of-1glb-optimal-protein-intake-for-bodybuilders/
  6. I find that tofu is best in small doses. I would certainly say that your diet should mainly be composed of FRESH fruits and vegetables. I eat tofu when its around. When im in the local Whole Foods and they have some tastey tofu on display, maybe once or twice every 2 weeks. A diet based solely on soy wont to kill you, but it certainly is'nt optimal, your body other nutrients in it as well. http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/soy-good-bad-and-best This is a very informative article on the good and the bad of soy based products...
  7. A diet with the proper protein intake and good carbs will limit the amount of muscle loss during exercise. If you want to lose belly fat, cardio would definitely be a good starting point. I find that cycling is great cardio and the fact that your arms, shoulders and legs are the transmission, suspension and engine on a bike it also help to strengthen your entire body in the process, as opposed to running. Ive always noticed my forearms and shoulders feel worked out after a nice long ride over some hills, not to mention my legs of course. Keeping your stomach tense during a ride reeeeeeeally tightens your abs as well.
  8. Welcome! I think the equation for optimum protein intake is always going to at least, 1 gram for each lb of body weight if you are looking to gain strength and muscle.
  9. Thanks for the welcome! I'm actually limiting my cycling for the next few months in order to bulk up a bit and gain some mass . I'm not sure how long I can go with cycling though, it's something I truly love. Training journal is a great idea!
  10. Welcome! Word of advice to Vegan/Vegetarian body building, lay off the cheese and eat....ALOT! Best of luck to you
  11. I believe it. Since I became a Vegan I can honestly say it is much easier to focus on meditation and feel it's effectiveness more easily. My intuition has increased significantly, it's almost as if I see the world is more vividly not eating animal products. Big upgrade in quality of life
  12. Welcome! It sounds to me like you need to gain confidence in yourself! Although you may have been able to train a tiny bit harder with someone there to push you, remember without them there you still have your own mind and soul. I train mostly by myself, by choice, because I can concentrate more on the exercise as well as visualizing myself accomplishing the task at hand. Your mind can do incredible things if you know how to use it. Simply imagining yourself getting stronger, feeling the strength going into the exercise, feel your heart pumping, feeling the nutrients flowing to your muscles when you exert force can increase your confidence and excitement in working out and further increasing gains and overall mood....letting out a little vocalization never hurt either Progress is in your future! All you need to do is see your at accomplishing your goal and believe it!
  13. Have you ever tried meditating? Meditating while breathing deeply for about 20-30 mins a day can dramatically influence your energy levels as well as your mood.
  14. Carlos, you and I sound like we'd be good friends. I feel that spiritualism and vegan-ism go hand in hand. I have heard of miraculous feats of healing occurring when someone bring those two factors into one's life. Welcome, and the best of luck to you on your journey!
  15. Name is Mike. I am a former meat eater. My whole life I thought having indigestion after dinner and early in the mornings was a normal part of life. My girlfriend was the same. We are both very logical people so we realized this could not be how life is supposed to be. Doctor always checked us both out as perfectly healthy. I've always been in shape, im an avid cyclist and I always have enjoyed vegetables and salads as a part of my diet. It's not until I made the switch to being completely Vegan that my life completely changed. Within the first week of Juicing and eliminating animal products my stomach was cured! My bowels cleared up and I was amazed at how great I felt! I am very spiritual and feel that karma held within foods derived from animals has negative effects not only on the body but also on the soul. I certainly feel as if my vibrations are riding on a higher frequency! I'm glad to have made the switch and don't see myself ever going back to flesh. There are so many delicious ways to cook veggies I just don't see the need. Eating is mostly a mental process. If it tastes good and fills the belly why would one need meat?! Anyway....Hi
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