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  1. How many people wear gloves in a gym? I realize a lot of power lifters don't prefer gloves. But I don't want calluses on my hands and the weights hurt lesser when I have gloves on. Are there any stats / surveys on the number of people that wear gloves vs those who don't?
  2. this is 25th march. been on and off and seen no change since. that needs to change now. luckily was big enough to crop to get through here.
  3. I'd like to use this to inspire me, hold me accountable and help me get to my goals. Current pictures June 2014 (Uploaded the ones on my phone, although cropping them to under the 250 kb limit was a struggle lol will need to figure out how to convert pics into low resolution for my next set) So I've posted my diet under "Can I see what you eat" section and would be grateful if you guys could pass out some advises. Cheers Hope everyone's having a beautiful summer! IG: prsaraogi (Followback) Myfitnesspal: prsaraogi
  4. Although i have cheat days and meal, this is what my regular diet looks like or this is how I want it to look. 9 AM 1 Coconut Water 3 Oatmeal Pancakes 1 Slice of Brown Bread 11 AM 3 Pears ( Pears was today, I keep replacing the fruit) 12 PM 6 Almonds 1 PM Half a bowl of Green Grams (Sprouted and Boiled) Half a bowl of Brown Chickpeas (Boiled and Cooked) (I usually have these made one in three days and store them in the freezer and keep having small portions every day) 3 PM 2 Wheat Chappati (Wheat Breads) 2 Bowls of Yellow Lentils and Pulses 4 PM Twinings Lemon Green Tea X 2 6:20 PM 1 Big Bowl of Original Kellogs Cornflakes (If I Have bananas before preworkout I feel the bananas in my system and feel it adversely affects my workouts) 7 PM Workouts (Weightlifting) 8 PM 1 Apple 1 Scoop Zero Carb Isopure Protein Shake (with cold water) 9 PM Small portion of Ladyfinger (Veggie) Cottage Cheese (Boiled)-Low Fat High Protein Salad (Cucumber / Tomatoes / Capsicum / Lettuce / Onion ) When I use MyfitnessPal to calculate the specs Major nutrition specs only. Total Fat: 41 grams Saturated: 5 Polyunsaturated: 6 Monounsaturated: 3 Trans: 3 Total Carbs: 406 Dietary Fibers: 72 Sugars : 81 Protein: 117 grams So it looks like 406:117:58 (carbs:proteins:Fat) ? I know my diet can be better and I'm willing to make improvements. I don't want to see dietitians and was hoping some of y'all could help/critique/advise me out here. I have been on and off this page, but wanna now get serious and also have accountability buddies. I would also love to follow the regular fitness enthusiasts out here on Instagram to inspire myself and have veganbodybuilding buddies on IG and Myfitnesspal IG: prsaraogi Myfitnesspal: prsaraogi Thanks for taking the time to read and thanks in advance for the constructive advises.
  5. sweet. Thanks for the suggestions, it's good to know there are so many things I'm doing wrong, which means I can only improve from here. Cheers
  6. lol i see people doing 2-3 hour workouts sometimes, or talking about it. Thanks for the suggestions !
  7. Apologies in advance if this topic has already been covered. So I'll be doing a 3 hour work out session for the first time later today. After 4 hours of fasting, 1 hour Cardio 1 hour Abs & 1 hour Shoulders & Legs (Functional) I'm a complete noob when it comes to following the proper diet and with no expertise in this, I usually mess things for myself. What I want to know is if I should have the some carbs (complex or simple ?) before the functional weight training or not ? Should I have protein (I use zerocarb isopure) before the functional weight training too or after only or both ? Sorry for the stupid questions.
  8. Yeah I'm probably not going to order that at the bar haha but I might try it out at home. Thanks for the replies
  9. Okay, I'm going to rephrase my question haha, if you were gearing up seriously for your summer body and couldn't afford any unwanted calories, what would be your weekend drink ?
  10. I wouldn't worry too much about the calories. Considering you want to bulk up, your diet seems very limited on proteins especially. Cut down on processed foods like bread and chocolates especially. Eat more tofu, soy, ice cream and fruits. Peanut butter would be good before workouts. I don't know if you would find body weight home workout videos or programs here but you can definitely google them. Start eating more and stop worrying about numbers. Good luck
  11. My first contribution March 23rd : 100 pushups Running Total = 95067
  12. People at the gym; Trainers / Work out buddies. I'm not getting the right amount of protein apparently and have been losing muscle mass since I've been running a lot of late and this has been frustrating.
  13. In addition to all those responses already received VeganProject27, I would also like to add without knowing your diet or body structure that, your schedule looks pretty messed up. You don't wanna be doing legs after back day. Keep a gap of a day atleast between them vice versa. Also, why are you pushing core exercises and cardio to one end of the week and going heavy on muscles on the other. Even it out. Space it out. For example if your taking a break on sunday don't do cardio on saturday, do a big muscle instead. Do cardio on a day between heavy muscles during the weekday and similarly space out core exercise day too.
  14. A lot of statements above are giving calculations based on body weight. I suppose all calculations should be based on "desired" body weight. The general thumb rule, I guess, is a gram of protein per 'desired' weight (in lbs) as the ceiling and 3/4th ideally of your desired weight ideally unless you really wanna go for gains. Unfortunately, a lot of high protein food I eat, generally comes with a high content of carbs and / or fat, and to avoid that I have started having isolate whey protein but I don't know if I'm shitting most of it out because I've been losing muscle mass and it's all getting very confusing.
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