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  1. Hello Jana. Welcome to the forum.


    I don't know of anyone who wants an au pair, but an advertisement in the Vegan Society (UK) magazine might reach someone who does. Or in Animal Aid's magazine.


    Good luck!



    Thank you I already did this some years ago when i finished school because is was considering then to do my au pair year. It might be a good idea to do this again!

  2. Hello everybody!

    I am using this post to introduce myself - and for another wish to get some advice!

    My name is Jana, i am coming from Germany, 21 years old and in love with lifting weights, eating clean & healthy, cooking, animals and animal rights and.. kids! I am studying Psychology Bachelor at the moment and I am considering to take part of an au pair programme between my Bachelor and Master studies. It is still some time till then because hopefully I will have my Bachelor in September 2015.

    I am searching for a family, which also lives a similar lifestyle like i do - it is not that easy as a vegan, and sport - loving person. Therefore I thought it is a good idea to post it in this forum where people have the same attitude as I have. Maybe you know a family who is interested in an au pair programme - or maybe you are seeking for a nanny?!

    Please, let me know - I am happy about every advice I can get!


    All the best from Germany,


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