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  1. Ive been working 'on and off' (been travelling/busy) for the last 6 months and I'm really struggling to see any change in my body. I just want to slim down a bit and replace the little fat I have with muscle. I'm rather big boned so that adds to the reason to bulk up a little. I've attached my daily workout minus the squats, I do 3 sets of 10 of each (3x30 for sit ups) every morning after breakfast. I follow a vegan diet, I have hemp powder in the cupboard but am not sure if I need it. I don't do any real cardio work but I try and play at least an hour of tennis everyday in the afternoon. I don't do any specific diet I just have my normal 3 meals a day. I'm lifting as much as I can but I never feel muscle pain the following day (not since the first week or so of working out), is this normal? Any tips on what I'm doing wrong or how I could improve my workout would really help, I'm rather new at all this and I think I need some vegans tips. Should I leave the Hemp shakes on the shelf or have some? Should I have days of rest? daily workout
  2. Thanks Heading to Southern China to enjoy the ridiculous heat and humidity!
  3. Hi everyone, I was born and raised vegetarian and turned vegan 6 years ago for ethical reasons, so far so good but now I want to give my body a bit more attention. Been going to the gym 'regularly' for the last 6 months and feel like I need a bit of advice diet/workout wise as I feel like I'm not getting to where I want to be (I'll develop all this in a coming up post) I'm not so much into body building I just want to get my body into a fitter state, a state that fits the vegan lifestyle I'm off travelling in 4 months time and would like to see a bit of a change by then. Hope I can be of some help on this forum even with the little knowlege I have haha See you all around!
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