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  1. whole wheat bread and rice....maybe this is forcing the body to store fat even though I am underweight?
  2. I am currently 143 pounds at 5'10".... But I still have some belly fat. I plan to do 20 minutes of HIIT 2 days per week. Is this advisable...will it help shed the belly fat? Or will it burn muscle? I am already low body weight and my objective is to increase it to 160 pounds. Should cardio be avoided?
  3. Thanks again, rob. One question, out of curiosity. In the first couple of months, my chest grew quickly but not my arms. But in the last one month, my arms are growing but not my chest. Even the burn, I feel more in my arms than chest. But in the first two months, the burn was in my chest rather than arms. does this normally happen to ppl.....i mean the same workouts making diff. Body parts burn and grow at diff. Times?
  4. I know spot reduction is impossible,I know cardio reduces fat. But my question is not that. Do crunches help in flattening the belly despite the fat? With fat, the belly protrudes...but with fat+crunches! will the belly stop sticking out and look flatter? So that even with fat, there is the illusion of a flat looking belly....
  5. Thanks again, rob. Can one do the same with dips also? Starting with 'down' position and going only halfway up...and then starting at top position and going only halfway down....is this right for dips?
  6. Thanks, rob, for explaining. This is what I did, pls correct me if I am wrong. I got into pushup position, then went down toward the floor as usual. Then instead of going back all the way up, as we nnormally do, I went up just a little and then went back toward the floor again. I did this many times. Then I went into pushup position again, but this time I did not go all the way down toward the floor. I went halfway down and then went back up again. Again, I repeated this many times. do not know if the above is right way, but felt an incredible burn after just 3 sets!!
  7. Thanks, ppl, for the tips. hit rob, could u pls give a video for applying jreps to pushups? I do not understand fully. Do I just do half pushups many times until fatigue....and then start doing full pushups? It is a little confusing.
  8. My chest size has increased to 39 inches (when measured at widest part of chest). I am only 143 pounds. Three months ago it was 37 inches and I did pushups religiously to increase it. 1) First, is this size okay for a guy my weight (143) and height (5'10")? 2) Second, I want to increase it further but due to my current position, I have no access to gym and have to rely solely on pushups, dips, etc. They say only heavy lifting with bench press, dumbell flys etc. can increase size of chest. But at the moment I have no access to equipment. Is there anything other than dips and pushups that one can do to increase size? Although pushups helped me in adding two inches in three months, I think it has outlived its purpose. My body no longer feels the strain, soreness, etc. the body has become strong enough for pushups. Any other suggestions ... Until my circumstances change so I can go to a gym?
  9. Thanks, badass, u think I should start weight training once I hit 150 or must I wait till 160 or more?
  10. Three months ago I weighed 120 pounds. Now I weigh 143. My arm size has increased by an inch and half, chest by two inches. In those three months I did only bodyweight exercises. first off, is my progress good? Second, my aim is to reach 150 by July end and then abandon bodyweight workout in favor of gym/weight training. So my plan is to join gym from August to focus exclusively on weight training. is this plan/progress good?
  11. In the last three months I have increased by 10 kgs. Mostly muscle, especially an inch and half on my arm. But pushups and dips have become hard...is it due to increased body weight? I though only fat gain would do that...in my case there could be max. 3 kg of fat gain, at least 7 kg is muscle. So why am I finding bodyweight exercises difficult now?
  12. When I measure my arm and chest, there isnt much increase in size. But everyone says it is bigger and more defined. I can also observe it in the mirror - I can see the middle line in the chest, separation between lower pec and rest of the body below etc. Both pecs and arms are also tight and firm now, previously they used to shake with flab. even so, there isnt much increase in size.
  13. From machinist to batman begins....how did he do this in just one year? Even with money, time etc., isn't this physically impossible?
  14. But is it okay that the body has adapted...or must I make the exercise more difficult by adding weight etc.?
  15. In free weights, one can keep adding weights and stimulate muscle. In body weight, that's not possible unless one attaches weight to one's body....so in body weight workout, one can only increase repetitions. But ppl say increasing reps only improves endurance and not size. Is this true? Then how come gymnasts do it.
  16. Last month when I first started dips, my back delts and pretty much the whole upper body hurt like hell even the next day. But now despite adding more reps and weight, my body doesnt hurt at all. Does that mean my muzcles are not going to grow?
  17. I don't have access to gym atm, so relying on bodyweight exercise mostly. But suppose I join a gym later on, r there non weight workouts I can do .... Cable crossover, for instance, is not a bodyweight workout but it isnt a weight training one like bench press either. So r there other exercises for upper body that are neither bodywwight not weight lifting......
  18. If one isn't too overweight and has only a bit of fat in belly, is it better to ignore it and focus only on muscle building.....hoping that while building muscle, fat will eventually be shed? My point is, unless one is too fat, is it better to stop worrying about fat loss and focus only on muscle building?
  19. Since at the moment I have no access to gym/weights/bars, dips and pushups are all I can do. My friend says these sort of bodyweight exercises are more like cardio in that they help you lose weight. They aren't muscle building...only free weights can build muscle. If this is true, then do I stop doing dips and pushups? I am not that fat anyway, so cardio/losing fat isn't my goal. So am i wasting time with dips/pushups?
  20. Thanks, hit. I also use a bucket of water to do lateral side raise...it works my delts. Is there anything else u can suggest with water buckets....
  21. In weight lifting, low reps can go with heavy weights. But in bodyweight exercises, there is no weight aside from bodyweight. So if i can do only 5 regular dips, i add a backpack and do three. Just an example....point is, i make bodyweight exercise difficult enough to do only five or under five reps. is my method efficient to create hypertrophy?
  22. Thanks, but is it possible to do underhand chinups or inverted rows without equipment? What muscles do they work..
  23. Thanks, that could be It. I work out only 3 days a week - day 1, day 4, day 7. Each of these days I do chest dips using chairs, different varieties of pushups, then finally shrugs using bucket of water. I have no access to weights, gym, or bars, hence these are the only exercises I can do. Dips for chest/delt, upper back, pushups for triceps/chest, shrugs for traps. I have ignored biceps, legs etc. since I have no choice. But I am hoping these three exercises will be good at least for now, since dips and pushups are compound exercises....so hoping entire upper body will get a good workout.
  24. Is it ok to eat a candy bar pre or post workout? Which is better? If pre,the sugar will give energy...if post, it will be good for muscle...is my logic right?
  25. Let us say u check ur weight after one month...no increase. It is the same weight as it was last month. Does that mean no muscle has been built in that one month? That one month workout is wasted?
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