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  1. I understand the first one, stimulus...progressive overload, i think. But what's the second...is it about resting for,muscles to recover?
  2. Bruce lee was hardly 60 kilos and yet he was muscular. How is it that possible? Isn't it common knowledge that people must weigh more to build muscle? So how is it possible to build muscle with such low weight? Also if muscle is possible being underweight, wouldn't it be a blow to bulking philosophy?
  3. I had similar thoughts. For example, if a guy had a 40inch chest with flab....he works out, now he has no flab...yet his chest is still same size...so he has put on some muscle and reduced fat....but measurement being the same projects a misleading picture....it may make it appear that the person has made no progress. Is my logic correct? why then do most bbs talk of bulking....
  4. If you've gained mass does that mean measurements of arm, chest etc will increase?
  5. Is it true that the standard calculation - 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight - is a myth..and one doesn't really need that much protein? Is it true that for muscle building, 50 or 60 grams of protein per day is enough?
  6. Thanks badass. Will avoiding white rice help...i assume white rice has high glycemic index so it stores in the belly, right? Aside from this, i eat whole wheat bread, indian bread(chapati), peanuts, peanut butter, tea, coffee, milk... I am sure these aren't high in glycemic index, only rice, so will cutting it help..cuz i don't wanna cut too much food and grow weak....
  7. My belly is flat when standing or lying down...but when sitting down it protrudes.... Is it fat or just loose muscles...if fat i must lose more weight but if loose muscle will ab exercise fix it?
  8. What is tofu? I am an indian, not familiar....is it paneer?
  9. Is this really a good exercise to reduce belly fat, to shrink the belly?
  10. I am only gaining fat during bulking. So frustrated...all the weight i lost in my belly has come back now...no size increase in arms or chest...but i am still underweight, so i cant cut either. what the hell am i supposes to do?
  11. I am an indian, so i eat 4 slices of indian bread (chapati). Plus 3 slices of whole wheat bread, occasionally a small 4 slices pizza. Does all this take my carrb intake to 200 carbs...so hard to eat low carb diet...
  12. How many calories in pizza hut pizza small personal cheese pizza wth 4 slices.
  13. Is it possible that as muscle becomes firm (not big) weight will increase? Is muscle gain always an increase in muscle size, or also firmness?
  14. After doing chest dips using chair for a few days, my delts hurt. Is this normal? Do I continue hoping my delts will adapt?
  15. This time I kept the chairs a little wider and did the dips .... unfortunately this resulted in shoulder pain.... what do I do? Will the pain go away on its own?
  16. Thanks again, vr. Does it hit the middle of the chest as well... Cuz I am not feeling it there? Like you I feel the burn in side of pec and latS...
  17. Also I felt the stiffening/burn in both sides of the pecs and lats more than I felt in the middle of the chest. Is this normal?
  18. Thanks, VR. It is amazing this workout. But they say we should do 10 reps/4 sets. Since I am only able to do 4 or 5 reps at a stretch, do I do 10 sets? So all in all, will 40 or 50 reps per day be alright (regardless of sets)?
  19. I tried doing chest dips using two chairs. I felt my back stiffening from the exercise but didn't feel much in the tri or chest area. I kept two chairs on my side and did the dip, the way it's usually done. Some people say whether or not you feel it in the chest, the dip will always work the chest. Is this true, if so, why do I feel it only in my back?
  20. Thanks, guys. What are dips... Parallel bar dips? How to do it using two chairs?
  21. I know my chest sucks as a whole, but looking at the picture, which portion would need more work - upper or lower chest? Side pec or the middle?
  22. I tried diamond and decline pushups (feet up, right).... I feel the burn in my tri and delts. My chest doesn't burn, does that mean chest is not being worked? My understanding is that tri and delt are smaller muscle groups, so they feel the burn easily. Chest is bigger so it doesn't feel the burn....is this correct? If I do wide arm pushups, I feel some burn in the side of chest. But the middle of the chest never burns... I am wondering whether burn is necessary? Or can I assume even without burn the chest is being worked?
  23. Thanks, TN. Will pushups add mass? Also is my chest at least okay, considering I've only been lifting two months? Or should it be better by now?
  24. I have attached a picture of my chest - I only weigh 160 pounds at 5'11"... so obviously my chest is not well developed. How do I get the line in the middle of chest (as if the line separates one pec from the other) and also make the pecs bigger. Will bench press alone help or dumbbell flys? How must I do?
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