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  1. https://www.google.co.in/url?q=https://www.flickr.com/photos/vipulmathur/3338495475/&sa=U&ei=iN1QU5bAGIPBrAfKiYCQCw&ved=0CDcQ9QEwBQ&usg=AFQjCNEqOZPzjjubSmQ1ZuJ4obh3-CRI-w How many calories in each small gem?
  2. This is about pushups only, so please let's not talk about bench etc. When I do wide grip pushups, I feel the burn in my delts. Close grip pushups - burn in triceps. But I don't feel the burn in my chest, no soreness. But shouldn't pushups (whether wide grip or close grip) work the chest automatically? Then why is it I dont feel the burn? I don't feel strong enough to do weighted pushups, and besides that's only for advanced people. I assumed even regular pushups would give the burn.......
  3. I have 150ml of olive oil, taking 4 spoons every day. It should have been over in 3 days, but it's been ten days or more - still not empty. But I am sure I am using a tablespoon, not a teaspoon because teaspoon is so small ... used for sugar. that's why i am confused.
  4. He is 5'10" - how much u think he weighs? I am trying to reach that.......
  5. What do you think are Wesley's stats (actor Paul Wesley)? I am the same height, so am trying to sculpt my physique like his. His weight, arm size, chest size .... what coudl it be approximately? His official stats say 170 pounds but that seems too much for him (he is so skinny).
  6. thanks, I meant something else actually. Let us say ive added 5 kg of muscle. Does this necessarily mean there will be an increase in size (of any body part)? Or will the body part remain the same size and simply weigh more? I will give an example. Let's say your chest is 40 inch, arm 15 inch. You increase weight by 5 kg (through exercise/diet, so it is muscle) - will the chest/arm measure the same 40in/15in but weigh more (since it's now less flabby)?
  7. If you gain some weight, say 5 kgs (muscle, not fat) does that mean your arm size will increase? If your arm size doesnt increase, does that mean these 5 kgs are fat? So, arm size increase is proof of muscle gain?
  8. I know it sounds like a stupid question, but what is a tablespoon and teaspoon? Can u post pic comparing them? The reason I am asking is, I thought I was using a tablespoon but my friend points to something else (which is almost big as a ladle) as tablespoon. I am confused.
  9. Thanks, badass, I have two more questions if you dont mind. 1) I came down from 139 to 121 - 3 inches of my waist are reduced. Arm/chest are more or less the same. Does that mean the 18 pounds I've lost are mostly from the waist? 2) if I gain 2 kg per month, will it be more muscle and less fat?
  10. Working out DOES NOT make you skinny, cardio does...don't have any fear that you will be getting skinnier because you are strength training. As long as you are eating ALOT, you will be gaining mass and strength the harder you work at it. Body weight exercises are great and I would definitely recommend doing them everyday, if you do not have access to weights for isolation exercises. If your arms are all sore and weak from too many push ups the night before, this is good. This is Hypertrophy, when your muscles grow and tear because you've worked them out. Unless your arms are really sore, don't rest a day. Doing these exercises everyday will get your body in grow mode. Thanks, I udnerstand working out doesnt automatically make you skinny. But what if my pushups are simply taking the place of cardio (and thereby making me lose weight)? Is that possible? Or will pushups help in muscle gain only (and never unintentionally became some form of cardio)?
  11. Thanks, badass. It was a great post, great advice. I think i'll add 3 spoons of olive oil to get the extra 300 cals. At this stage, even junk food may be better because I've become so thin that everybody is making fun of me. And I used to weigh 75 kg (more perhaps) hardly three years ago.
  12. Thanks. I know I should eat more, but I was wondering if the diet I posted would be at least 2500 cals because I need that much to increase weight every week. If that diet is only 1500, for example, i will be in trouble, lol.
  13. Can u at least tell me approximately how many cals? Will it be at least 2500? ALso must i check weight every week? How much increase - 1 kg per week?
  14. I am new. I am an Indian, vegetarian and new to calorie counting etc. The whole thing is so confusing. I need help, so please........ Due to health issues, I lost a lot of weight, now I am pencil thin at 121 pounds at 5'10". I need to bulk, so I have two questions. 1) I have no access to weights, so is it okay to do bodyweight exerices every other day? Or will this make me lost more weight and therefore avoided? 2) This is my bulking diet. Can someone pls see whether it is at least 2500 cals and enough for bulking? I am not able to calculate, at least an approximate calc. will do, so pls. help. Morning: 1 bowl of corn flakes, one slice of bread/1 spoon of peanut butter, 10 peanuts, 5 almonds, 1 glass of milk Afternoon: one medium plate of rice (cooked), a medium cup of green veggies (cooked) evening: two slices of bread with two spoons of peanut butter, 10 peanuts Night: Indian bread/roti (4 pieces) with two cups of Indian side dish/side order Later: a glass of milk, two pieces of chocolate
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