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  1. I really like the lip balm Avalon Organics makes. It comes in a tube too!


    "Skin Nourishing, Antioxidant Intensive, Vitamin C, Sun-Aging Defense, Soothing Lip Balm. Moisturizes and soothes with antioxidant protection" (this is from the label, LOL )


    And best of all, no beeswax!!!



  2. Potter, you seem to be knowledgable regarding this, so maybe you can clarify something for me;


    I always reasoned that a Post-Workout Smoothie with simple sugars (fruit, soy milk, etc.) AND protein would be okay, because your body absorbes the simple carbs fast, and since it takes longer to digest protein, the protein becomes available a little later, when your body wants it...


    If I'm understanding you correctly, you are recomending waiting three hours after a workout to consume protein. Assuming it takes your body another hour to digest the protein (no idea how long it really takes, maybe you know?), your body then has protein available a full four hours after your workout? Do you feel this is ideal for both weightlifters AND endurance athletes like yourself?



  3. Friday December 7, 2007


    Seated DB curls: 4x8 with 40lb DBs

    Lying DB Tricep Extension: 4x8 with 30lb DBs

    (These excercises were Superset with no rest between excercise 1 & 2, then 1 minute rest before beginning again)


    Concentration Curls: 4x8 with 35,35,35,30lb DB

    Tricep Kickbacks: 4x8 with 30lb DB

    (These excercises were Superset with no rest between excercise 1 & 2, then 1 minute rest before beginning again)


    Reverse Grip EZ Bar Curls: 4x8 with 70,65,65,65lbs

    Dips (tricep emphasis): 4x12 bodyweight

    (These excercises were Superset with no rest between excercise 1 & 2, then 1 minute rest before beginning again)


    Seated DB Shoulder Press: 4x8 with 55lb DBs <<<

    Standing DB Lateral Raises: 4x8 with 30,25,25,20lb DBs

    (These excercises were Superset with no rest between excercise 1 & 2, then 2-3 minutes rest before beginning again)


    Really great workout today! Personal bests pretty much across the board, but Seated DB Shoulder Press with 55lb DBs is what I'm most excited about.


    I really need to get a dip-belt so I can start adding weight!


    I drank 1250ml water during my workout and weighed 212.5lbs after lifting!

  4. Also you should try a pic as a brunette. -pazios2002


    I also vote for brunette...


    Based on the winning pics Robert posted, I would recommend concentrating on conveying a attitude of sexy, happy, confident, and approachable. (Edited: Robert, this is not to say that you don't look "sexy, happy, confident, and approachable." , the other guy just looks more "guy-next-door-ish" in a way that your average PETA voter could probably imagine themselves actually getting a date with that guy. Contrast this to ripped, super fit, Mr.Cheeke ) I would say that pamela's suggestion of doing some pics "smiling" is good too.


    You have a really great physique, so there's really nothing to worry about there


    This is pure speculation, but I'm guessing most of the people voting in this are "intimidated" by someone in such great shape, so striving to convey an air of approachability (girl next door factor???) with your facial expression/body language might be a good idea?


    Of course I never even heard of this contest before reading this post, so what do I know???



  5. Okay I will try and nitpick your diet since nobody else wants to...


    It looks like you're getting lots of good food/supps. The only thing I noticed that seems strange (for me anyways) is that your meals are basically "carb heavy" or "protein heavy", whereas I tend to balance my carbs and protein in every meal.


    I also noticed that you workout at 4:30pm, and the two preceding meals (shake with rice/hemp protein @ 2:30pm, and fruit smoothie @ 11:30am) don't really contain any complex carbs. Your body probably burns through the calories in the fruit smoothie pretty fast (simple sugars), and your pre-workout protein shake doesn't appear to have many carbs in it at all. My guess is that your glycogen stores are pretty well depleted by the time to hit the weights. You might get better results lifting if you consume some carbs along with your 2:30pm protein shake. You mentioned that you weigh 170lbs, and it looks like you're getting maybe 140g of protein a day including the real food you're consuming. Another 20-30g protein post-workout probably wouldn't kill you.



  6. I don't think that the definition of veganism is as important as the actions that a person makes. I think that explaining to someone why they are wrong is a good thing, on any subject. But telling them that they're not fitting to a definition isn't necessarily a good thing, if both people disagree on the definition. If someone is doing XYZ that you think is wrong, you want them to stop doing XYZ, so why not tackle that head on, rather than that the long route, which you know will have more conflict?

    This is an excellent point!


    There is a definition of veganism which was established by the man who made the word. Maintaining that word is important for things like restaurants, ingredient lists, and vegan labelling like the vegan society etc. If that definition is lost / degraded so that non-vegan ingredients / methods can be included in products, then I would be upset.


    I believe that the vast majority of "vegan" restaurants/products/etc... actually do cause some animal products to be "consumed". Just because the "vegan" products we consume don't have any animal ingredients, and aren't animal tested, I bet that somewhere in the production process, some non-vegan product is being used (cleaning products in the factory, maintenance of production equipment, farming, paint, construction materials, etc...). Virtually every restaurant/producer of vegan food uses electricity, utilities, food delivery, etc., and if we really want to be strict about the definition, the electricity, food delivery, and utility companies surely use products that aren't "vegan", right? And we're providing them revenue to continue buying these products, right? Additionally, as I mentioned in my earlier post, most "organic" produce is grown using animal byproducts. I've seen a ton of "vegan" restaurants that use "non-vegan" cleaning products, serve produce grown with animal products, etc...These are just a couple examples of how practically nothing is totally "vegan" if we use the textbook definition of the term.


    I understand the point about "standards" being important, but if we really want to get technical, most of the "vegan" products we use aren't 100% "vegan".


    This is not to say that we should not strive to eliminate the consumption of animal products! I am simply saying that judging others is not productive, since even the most strict vegan is likely causing some animal product to be consumed.


    You'd have to explain to him why his non-vegan actions are ethically wrong, then you would have educated him, and you could see how he used that knowledge.


    These could have easily been words from my mouth...




    ps. If all of this sounds like late night/early morning ramblings to you, you're right!!!

  7. Using the definition of a vegan being a person who does not consume or use ANY products derived from animal sources, I'm fairly sure that not only are NONE of us here vegan but that it is impossible to be truly vegan in this world...


    This is an excellent point. Ultimately, being "vegan" is different for each of us. We all strive to eliminate consumption of animal products, and each of us is able to do that to varying degrees.


    Imagine a "vegan" living in a "natural" environment, without electricity, growing all their own food, using only plant matter compost, without using any fossil fuels. Would they consider us "vegan" (sucking fossil-fuel electricity with our computers, driving cars, eating organic food fertilized with animal products, etc...)??? Probably not, if you use the common definition of the term.


    I am not saying that we should all strive for a lifestyle like this (hermits in the mountains)... We all make certain compromises in order to live in modern society, but ultimately, this allows us to interect with, and INFLUENCE non-vegans to adopt a more ethical lifestyle!


    In my experience, "judging" others for their actions is rarely productive. I find this true when interacting with "vegans" and "non-vegans" alike. I think it is best to focus on our common interests, rather than the differences. Because there will ALWAYS exist differences in the way people practice "veganism".



  8. I feel REALLY good when I'm lifting 6-days a week!!!


    I find it harder to motivate when I take lots of days off (eg: every other day). Maybe this will change when I'm squatting/deadlifting a million pounds like VeganEssentials does...


    I do feel like my testosterone gets a little out of control during one part of my workout cycle that is particularly intense. I always feel REALLY agressive for those two weeks! Luckily thats only about 1/3 of the time I'm working out.



  9. I ordered a bunch of BCAA powder thinking I'd try using it when I decide to really focus on cutting.


    I've read it's good to sip this stuff mixed with creatine during lifting, especially when you are restricting caloric intake. I'm not restricting my caloric intake right now, but I'm wondering if it would be beneficial to supplement with this, even though I'm already getting lots of protein from various sources and eating lots of calories???


    BTW - I was comparing the BCAA content of some of the proteins I use... I thought I'd share my findings:


    30g Manitoba Hemp Protein:


    L-Leucine: 828mg

    L-Isoleucine: 492mg

    L-Valine: 609mg


    36g Supro Soy Isolate:


    L-Leucine: 2550mg

    L-Isoleucine: 1520mg

    L-Valine: 1560mg


    30g Nutribiotic Rice Protein:


    L-Leucine: 1996mg

    L-Isoleucine: 1056mg

    L-Valine: 1420mg


    5g ON BCAA powder:


    L-Leucine: 2500mg

    L-Isoleucine: 1250mg

    L-Valine: 1250mg


    I don't see an amino acid breakdown on my stash of chocolate Vega, and I haven't figured out the amount per serving in my Gemma Pea Protein... Maybe someone else has this info???



  10. Thursday December 6, 2007:


    Legs are sore today.


    Incline DB Bench Press: 4x8 with 85,90,85,85lb DBs

    Pullups (Supinated Close Grip): 8,8,6,5

    (These excercises were Superset with no rest between excercise 1 & 2, then 2-3 minutes rest before beginning again)


    Flat DB Bench Press: 4x8 with 70,80,80,80lb DBs (only made 6 on last set)

    One Arm DB Rows: 4x8 with 80lb DB

    (These excercises were Superset with no rest between excercise 1 & 2, then 2-3 minutes rest before beginning again)


    Seated Low-Pulley Row (close grip): 4x8 with 140,140, 130,120lbs

    Cable Machine Incline Fly: 4x8 with 60,60,60,50lbs

    (These excercises were Superset with no rest between excercise 1 & 2, then 1 minute rest before beginning again)


    Bent Over Lateral Raises (incline bench): 4x8 with 20lb DBs

    Seated Calf Machine: 4x15 with 400lbs

    (These excercises were Superset with no rest between excercise 1 & 2, then 1 minute rest before beginning again)


    This is the first time I've ever incline-pressed 90lb dumbells! I can't believe I made 8 reps. Flat Pressing 80lb DBs is a personal best as well, so pushing three sets makes me very happy. I am starting to get way better at getting into position for my first rep with those heavy DBs. Slight strain in my right front delt/shoulder but I think it will be gone tomorrow.


    What a great way to start off this new cycle!



  11. If your body is responding well and you aren't getting injuries I'd say you're doing fine. I do high volume work six days a week and I'm making great progress.


    I used to spend a lot of time worrying about overtraining, because I'd read a couple places that ectomorphs can't lift volume every day and make gains the way mesomorphs can.


    Maybe this is true for some ectos, but not for me. I was hella skinny, and trust me, I am no longer hella skinny.

  12. Asking a prospective tenant what their religion is???


    There are many places in the US where this would be illegal (maybe everywhere, I'm not entirely sure).


    Is this common practice in BC?


    Even if it isn't a scam, do you really want a landlord that is that screwed up?

  13. I usually try to match my carbohydrate and protein intake. (eg: I weigh 208lbs and eat about 200g protein, 200g carbs per day). I lose fat and gain mass if I eat like this while performing intense lifting 6 days a week.


    250g carbs and 150g protein seems like a lot of carbs to me if you're only weight training (no serious cardio).


    Again, this topic is highly debated, so you may need to experiment to find out what works best for you.

  14. Tuesday December 4, 2007:


    Lots of much needed rest and tons of good food.


    Wednesday December 5, 2007:


    Started out the day bringing home a 135lb heavy bag and carrying it up an incline driveway and over uneven terrain to it's new home. I thought this would be a piece of cake, but I had to carry it by "hugging" it to make it through some narrow areas, and it really exhausted my back! I was sure this would make squatting heavy tonight impossible, so I was nervous all day about going to the gym...


    Wide Stance BB Squat to parallel: 3x10 with 205,205,205lbs <<<<

    Dumbell Lunges: 3x10 with 50lb DBs

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 2-3 minutes rest between excercises)


    Seated Machine Leg Extension: 3x10 with 100lbs

    Seated Machine Ham Curl: 3x10 with 225lbs

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    DB Squats to parallel: 3x10 with 85lb DBs

    Lying Ham Curl: 3x10 with 120, 110, 110lbs

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 2-3 minutes rest between excercises)


    Standing Machine Calf Raises: 6x10 with 120,110,110,100,100,100lbs

    (60 seconds rest between each set)


    After warming up with 8 reps of 135, I jumped into my heavy squats and was pleasantly surprised! Three sets of 10 with 205lbs and super strict form is a major accomplishment for me. When I did 205lbs for two sets last Saturday my back was rocked. I could hardly stand up straight afterwords, but tonight my back felt totally capable of managing the weight!!! I was however, on the verge of throwing up after the second set (from exhaustion). Compound setting squats and lunges like this with short or no rest period really takes it out of me. My heartrate was up pretty high throughout my entire workout. After squats and lunges I was ready to go home and my legs felt like vegan jello.


    Seated extensions and curls gave me a second to catch my breath, and then it was on to the dreaded DB Squat. Was sure I would end up puking, but grabbed the 85lb DBs and went at it. Finished with standing calf raises (1 second pause at bottom and top of movement), and managed to keep my pre-workout meal in my gut.


    I drank 1250ml water while lifting and weighed 208.0lbs post-workout.


    Starting tomorrow, I will be changing to a 4x8 superset routine (2 excercises per set) routine for the next two weeks, and a 5x6 superset routine (4 excercises per set) for the two weeks after that.


    I think I can see 225 on the horizon when I get into the 6 rep routine...

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