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  1. - Hemp Protein

    - Rice Protein

    - Pea Protein

    - Soy Protein

    - Vega Chocolate

    - Vitamins (Multi, Cal/Mag, Iron, Vitamin C)

    - Chromium Picolonate

    - L-Glutamine

    - Creatine Ethy-Ester HCL

    - Organic Flax Oil

    - Clif Builder Bars


    That list is longer than I expected it to be. I only drink 1-2 shakes a day, and try to only eat one Builder Bar a day. This way I still get at least 3 meals that are "real" food.

  2. In my experience, it is very hard to make substantial gains without eating lots of calories. Protein alone does not do it for me (tried this for several years with little success).


    It sounds crazy, but when I'm training hard, eating lots of protein and calories, I actually lose body fat. This is true even when I'm not doing "dedicated" cardio, just intense lifting for a short period each day(1 hour or less). From the reading I've done, this is because it takes lots of energy to build muscle, and once your new muscles are built, your body will require more calories to maintain them.


    Every body is different, but this is what has worked for me.



  3. Thanks for the words of encouragement Zack!


    Monday December 3, 2007


    Incline Bench Curls: 3x10 with 40lb DBs

    Cable Machine Tricep Pushdown: 3x10 with 60,70,80lbs

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    Hammer Curls: 3x10 with 35lb DBs

    Overhead DB Tricep Extension: 3x10 with 65lb DB

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    One Hand Preacher Curls: 3x10 with 25lb DB

    Close Grip DB Press (palms facing in): 3x10 with 55lb DBs

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    Seated DB Military Press: 3x10 with 45,50,50lb DBs

    DB Lateral Raises: 3x10 with 25lb DBs

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    I'm really happy with my numbers tonite. I'm up 5-10lbs on all these dumbell excercises compared to when I was at this point in my cycle six weeks ago. I was doing mostly standing barbell overhead presses for the past couple weeks, but tonite I tried seated Military DB press again. I started with 45lbs, thinking I wouldn't make 10 reps, and would need to drop the weight for the other two sets... I ended up going up to 50lbs and pushed up two sets of ten. My form was strict except for the last two reps of the last set which were extremely difficult. I did a few sets of crunches after lifting. I've been slacking on abs because my BF was a little high to really see them. I'ts gradually going away, and I'm now at the point where I might actually see the results if I start working them again.


    Weight was 209.0lbs post workout and I drank almost 1000ml water during my workout.


    Tomorrow is scheduled to be the last day of this workout cycle (supposed to be two weeks total, lifting 6 days a week). My knees are still a little sore, and tomorrow is another leg day, so I'm debating whether I should work lighter than usual, or take my day off so I can go heavy on wednesday. I haven't taken a day off for 8 days now so I wouldn't really feel too guilty. I don't usually go that long without a day off, but I've been highly motivated lately.


    - Chris

  4. Thanks for the replies.


    I'm actually able to get it to dissove now, I just put 2.5g in 2oz of water, let it sit for one minute, stir for 15 seconds, and all the chunks are gone. All the fine powder dissolves immediately, it's just the chunks that take a while. It seems a little easier to take when it's fully dissolved since I'm not getting chunks of it stuck in my mouth to enjoy and savor...


    From what I've read, you can grind it up, but it gets clumpy again by the next day... I bought a capsule filler and a ton of vege-caps since I heard this stuff tastes so bad, but the prospect of having to buy a mortar and pestle or whatever, AND grind it all up, before I can even start to fill capsules is not exciting.


    I'm also starting to learn how to shoot it straight down my throat without touching my tongue... While I keep my nose closed


    Not being so bloated feels really good! I guess I just learned to deal with the bloat for the past year or so that I'd been taking CM, and eventually stopped thinking about it. I feel way better now, a few seconds of foul CEE taste is totally worth not feeling the CM bloat constantly.



  5. Sunday December 2, 2007


    Bent over BB Rows: 3x10 with 135,155,155lbs.

    Incline DB Press: 3x10 with 75,85,85lb DBs

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    Dumbell Pullovers: 3x10 60,60,55lbs

    Pushups (medium grip on knuckles): 3x12

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    Wide Grip Pulldowns: 3x10 160,170,180lbs (cable machine)

    Incline Bench Flys: 3x12 with 55,65,65lb DBs

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    Seated Rear Delt Machine: 3x10 105lbs

    Donkey Calf Press Machine: 3x10 225,215,215lbs

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    Shoulder Height Cable Crossovers: 3x10 60,50,50lbs

    DB Flat Bench Press: 3x8 with 75,65,60lb Dbs

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    Way strict form on the BB Rows so I kept it light (held bar against belly for one second at top of each rep ). I'm starting to get comfortable with the 85lb DBs for incline press, but getting into position for that first rep always makes me nervous (I don't work with a spotter). Very happy with the weights on Incline DB fly. It has taken me a long time to master this excercise, but I think I have the hang of it now. I haven't done shoulder height cable crossovers in a while (usually just do incline and decline) but I was working in with a guy who already had the machine set up that way so I gave it a go. I went relatively light on the flat DB press because my chest felt spent.


    Weight is down to 209.5lbs (post workout) and I drank 1000ml of water today while lifting.


    My knees are felt a little sore off and on today, but I suppose thats to be expected as I continue demand more and more of them. I'm sure they'll be fine by Tuesday when it's time to work legs again. In a few days I will have worked this current routine for two weeks, so I'll be changing the number of reps I'm doing (around 8 instead of 10), altering the rest period for my workout (no rest between first and second excercise of each compound set), and doing four sets of everything instead of three. I have three basic phases of workouts that I cycle through, and I am currently on the first one. Second phase is a little more intense, and third is absolutely brutal.



  6. I used to drink sugar-free redbull all the time, but then I read some really scary stuff about the ill effects of consuming aspartame (the artificial sweetner in sugar-free redbull). What sealed the deal for me is that Donald Rumsfeld said that he would "call in his markers" to get aspartame approved by the FDA after they initially banned it. (google "aspartame donald rumsfeld" to learn more about this).


    I am not saying you should or shouldn't consume aspartame, but I do recommend that anyone consuming it should definitely take the time to research it's side effects if you haven't already.



  7. Personal Bests for me are:

    15 (supinated shoulder width grip)

    12 (pronated medium shoulder width grip)

    That was a couple years ago when I weighed around 180lbs.


    Now I weigh 210lbs and I can only do about 10 no matter what grip I use. My lats are easily the best developed part of my body right now, so I'm not that motivated to push myself as hard as I do with other excercises.



  8. Saturday December 1, 2007:


    BB Squat to parallel: 3x10 with 155,205,205lbs

    Lying Machine Ham Curl: 3x10 with 110lbs

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1-3 minutes rest between excercises)


    DB Lunges: 3x10 with pair of 50lb DBs

    Stiff Legged Deadlift: 3x10 with 135,155,185lbs

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1-3 minutes rest between excercises)


    Plate Loaded Leg Press Machine: 3x10 with 270,360,360lbs

    Standing One Leg Ham Curl Machine: 3x10 with 40lbs

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    Seated Plate Loaded Calf Raise: 3x15 with 115lbs

    Standing One Leg Calf Raises: 3x15 with bodyweight

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minutes rest between excercises)


    I had the biggest smile on my face when I racked the bar after that second set of squats with 205lbs...


    I just had a personal record of 205lbs for ten reps last week, so being able to do two sets made me very happy. I think I will stick to this weight for a week or two more before trying to go up again. When I approach the bar I am definitely not thinking "light weight baby". Perhaps after working around 205lbs for a couple weeks I will be more confident in my ability to lift that heavy all the time.


    I would have liked to keep my rest periods down to 60 seconds for the first half of my workout, but I didn't sleep much last night (3 hours! ) and I was feeling pretty fatigued before I even began my workout. Definitely need to get more rest if I'm going to continue to grow. My lower back was REALLY exhausted after squatting and I was sitting down briefly between sets to try and rest it, but after about 20 minutes it felt totally fine again. I am drinking about half as much water during my workout since switching from CM to CEE (drank 750ml today) It feels good to not be so bloated with water in my stomach. I also like that I don't feel the need to drink a bunch of water after my post-workout shake... Talk about bloat! The really weird thing is that my weight was 210.5lbs after lifting tonight, even though I consumed less water. I've read that CM causes to you to gain like 10lbs in water weight, so I was really expecting to be dropping weight fast once I stopped taking it.


    In case anyone is interested, my post workout shake consists of:


    12 oz Chocolate Banana Flavored Vitasoy

    30g Non-GMO Soy Protein

    15g Non-GMO Hemp Protein

    12g Rice Protein

    5g L-Glutamine


    Calories: 514

    Fat: 13.3g

    Carbs: 37.3g

    Protein: 63g


    I should really start adding some flax oil and more carbs to this recipe...



  9. unless someone is the picture of health they should stick to the other arguments for veg*sm when talking about it


    This is true... And there are plenty of other great reasons to go vegan!


    From my experience, the best way to inspire people to adopt a healthier and more ethical lifestyle is to simply set a good example.


    I have found that when people see that you are living in an ethical manner and have a great physique, they will likely become interested and want to learn more.


    - Chris

  10. Wow Robert, I am totally impressed!!!


    I have never looked at a bodybuilding magazine in my entire life... I was already vegan when I began working out and I assumed the fitness mags just featured meat eating steroid junkies... Because of this, they never appealed to me.


    That is so cool that you've been featured multiple times. It's great to hear that you're training again. Be sure to let us know when you're next article is published so I can buy my first "fitness mag".


    - Chris

  11. I just received a bunch of bulk Creatine Ethyl-Ester and it is REALLY clumpy. I've never used CEE before (been using Creatine Monohydrate for past year).


    Is this normal???


    I mixed 2.5g with a couple ounces of water, and it didn't really dissolve... kinda looked like one of those water filled christmas thingys that you shake up and snow swirls around whatever is inside. I chugged it, and oh my god did it taste bad!!! I've read about how bitter this stuff is, but words cannot describe how foul this stuff tastes! I drink straight gin/vodka/tequila with no chaser, no problem... CEE tastes REALLY, REALLY BAD!


    I was planning putting it in vege-caps, but I will need to really grind this stuff up if that's ever going to work...


    BTW - I got this stuff from a place called trueprotein.com after hearing some VBB members recommend them. Everything else I ordered seems very normal (non-gmo hemp protein, gemma pea protein, and soy protein isolate).


    I know this is silly, but I got really excited when I received my 20lb bag of hemp protein!!! What is wrong with me????


    Any advice or info anyone has is much appreciated.



  12. Friday, November 30, 2007:


    EZ bar standing curls: 3x10 with 75-80lbs

    Lying DB tricep extensions: 3x10 with 25lb DBs

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    Concentration curls: 3x10 with 30lbs

    Tricep Kickbacks: 3x10 with 25lbs

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    Standing EZ bar reverse grip curls: 3x10 with 55-70lbs

    Dips (rearward lean to target triceps): 3x12

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    Standing BB Overhead Press (touched chest each time): 3x10 with 95-105lbs

    Upright Rows (EZ Curl Bar): 3x10 with 75lbs

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    I switched from Creatine Monohydrate to Creatine Ethyl-Ester today (2.5g pre and post workout). I'm expecting to lose some water weight as a result of the switch, but today my weight was up two pounds from yesterday (210.5lbs). ???


    My shoulders and biceps felt REALLY pumped today... Like more than I've ever experienced in my entire life. My workout was intense, but I'm in a relatively tame part of my workout cycle (rest between each set, high reps). Time will tell whether this is a fluke or somehow related to my switch to CEE. Other than the Creatine, the only supplements I take are L-Glutamine and vitamins.


    I'm doing legs tomorrow...


    - Chris

  13. Thursday, November 29:


    DB Rows: 3x10 with 75lb DBs

    Incline DB Press: 10x75, 10x85, 9x85

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    Close Grip Row: 3x10 120lbs (cable machine)

    Dips: 3x12 (leaned way forward to work chest)

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    Wide Grip Pulldowns: 3x10 160lbs (cable machine)

    Incline Cable Crossovers: 3x10 50-60lbs

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    Incline Bench Lateral DB Raises: 3x10 15lb dumbells

    Calf Press Machine: 3x15 400lbs

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    Decline Cable Crossovers: 3x10 45-60lbs

    Flat DB Press: 3x10 65-75lbs

    (these excercised were "compound-setted" with 1 minute rest between excercises)


    I was already beat from yesterdays leg workout, and now my chest hurts... this is a good thing


    I'll try to interject something interesting in future logs, but for now I need to sleep...


    - Chris

  14. I am getting very good results from the training regimen I am following, so I thought I would start an online journal for those that might be interested.




    I am 6'2" tall, and have weighed about 180-185lbs for most of the time that I've been working out (weight training, cardio, etc...). I have been vegan for over 16 years. I am a classic ectomorph and have always struggled to gain mass. For many years I worked the same basic routine, and every time I hit a plateau I would push myself too hard and inevitably end up injuring myself. For the past couple of years, I have been varying many aspects of my routine in order to force my body to constantly adapt, while also paying special attention to my nutritional plan. This seems to keep me from encountering the "plateaus" that used to stymie my efforts. I am now starting to develop a much more "solid" physique. I used to believe that my "frame" of bones/tendons/ligaments was fixed by genetic predetermination. Years of hitting plateaus have reinforced this. Over the past couple of years I have been doing lots of squats, deadlifts, lunges, pullups, dips, and Dumbell excercises, while cycling various aspects of my routine to keep my body from adapting. I am convinced that my bones/ligaments/tendons are significantly more substantial as a result of the constant variations in my training combined with excercises like squats, deadlifts, pullups, dips, etc...


    Okay, so thats my fitness life story... As far as recent history, I was in the best shape shape of my life at the beginning of summer of 2007 (190lbs and very low body fat for me, not sure exact BF%). Unfortunately, I injured my shoulder and broke my toe which curtailed my workouts for the entire summer.


    I have been back at the gym 6 days a week for the past 8 weeks. I am experiencing great results (gained 18lbs and body fat is down noticably). I thought I share my routine in case anyone is interested. Hopefully I can excercise the same discipline with my log that I excercise at the gym...

  15. Hey everyone!


    I'm 34 years old and I've been vegan for over 16 years. I've worked out pretty consistently since my mid-twenties, although I have struggled with many injuries during that time (mostly from training with too much weight or improper form).


    My body type is classic ectomorph, and for most of my life I've been around 170-185lbs (I'm 6'2" tall).


    I had multiple injuries this past summer, so I wasn't training, but for the past two months I've been training six days a week.


    For most of my life I have really struggled to make gains, but I have finally found a strategy that is really working for me. Basically, I am constantly varying:


    - set structure

    - number of reps

    - number of sets

    - amount of rest between sets


    My training mostly consists of the basics like squats, deadlifts, pullups, dips, and lots of DB excercises (incline press, flat press, incline flys, lat raises, various curls and tricep excercises).


    Over the past 7 weeks I have gained 18lbs and lost some body fat. (not sure about exact BF%) The only downside is that pullups seem much harder with the extra 18lbs!


    Last week I had a couple personal records:


    BB Squat to parallel: 9 reps x 205lbs

    DB Incline press: 8 reps x 85lb dumbells


    My fitness goals include continuing to gain strength and lose body fat. There seem to be many vegans who reject society's idea of "beauty" and don't work out as a result of this. This plays into the stereotype of vegans being skinny/undernourished, so I think it's very important for us vegan fitness enthusiasts to show everyone that you can be vegan and have a great looking, fit body.


    So that's my basic background!




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