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  1. I bookmarked this page a while ago, but haven't ordered any as of yet: Chia Seeds @ $7.95/lb http://www.sunorganicfarm.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=S251 Somebody mentioned chia here a while ago, and that same week I listened to a radio show that mentioned it! I figured it would be worth looking into, but I haven't gotten any yet. The Whole Foods where I live doesn't even sell it. (asked about it and the employees looked at my like I was crazy). hth, Chris EDIT: looks like my link is the same as raven's... she must have posted while I was writing.
  2. Others have made good suggestions. You don't see people doing it too often, but you can do squats with DBs. Squatting is good... -Chris
  3. My inner thighs/quads are so sore today it's ridiculous. Luckily my delts are sore from the front squats... that serves to distract me from my legs from time to time... Sunday February 3, 2008: Workout 7 of 36 Incline DB Press: 8 x 60lb DBs (warm-up set) DB Rows: 12 x 100lb DB 12 x 100lb DB 10 x 100lb DB Incline DB Press: 10 x 80lb DBs 11 x 80lb DBs 9 x 80lb DBs (these exercises were performed as compound sets, with 2-4 minutes rest between each exercise/set) DB Pullovers: 12 x 60lb DBs 12 x 60lb DBs 10 x 60lb DBs Dips (forward lean/wide elbows for chest emphasis): 10 x Bodyweight 12 x Bodyweight 9 x Bodyweight (these exercises were performed as compound sets, with 90 seconds rest between each exercise/set) Wide Grip Pulldowns: 12 x 180lbs 10 x 180lbs 12 x 180lbs Incline DB Flys: 12 x 45lb DBs 12 x 45lb DBs 12 x 45lb DBs (these exercises were performed as compound sets, with 90 seconds rest between each exercise/set) Bent Over Lateral Raises (incline bench): 10 x 25lb DBs 10 x 25lb DBs 10 x 25lb DBs Seated Plate Loaded Calf Raises: 17 x 135lbs 12 x 135lbs 14 x 135lbs (these exercises were performed as compound sets, with 90 seconds rest between each exercise/set) Got some really nice chest stimulation tonight... My chest was totally depleted by the time I got to dips. Pretty happy about the numbers/reps on the DB Rows too. -Chris
  4. It's never too early to start squatting! Just do bodyweight squats and lunges to get started. Good luck! -Chris
  5. hmm... maybe I will try saying that to myself next time I am choking it down to see if it makes a difference. I will chant, "Nut butter meets Cream of Wheat... Nut butter meets cream of wheat" . Perhaps it will also help me gag down the grainy texture. I'll pretend I mixed the nut butter and cream of wheat on purpose and that's why I'm gagging on the sand going down my throat. Thanks LTV LOL veggieprincess. I mix like 4oz water with 2tbs hemp powder in a "rocks" glass, then down it in one chug. This way I'm only able to chant "Nut Butter meets Cream of Wheat" one time before it's gone.
  6. It looks like your three main questions from the original post are: 1. "how much protein should I eat each day" 2. "will I need to eat more calories once I start working out with weights" 3. "is it ok for me to do cardio while I'm trying to gain mass" If you spend any time in the health and nutrition section of the forum, you know that the answer to question #1 is highly debated. Some would recommend as little as .5g protein per pound of lean body mass, per day, while others would recommend as high as 2g of protein per pound of lean body mass. Personally, I think 1g per lb is sufficient. The answer to #2 is yes. Not only will you burn calories working out, but your body will need them to recover. Once you gain some mass, the amount of calories needed to sustain yourself will increase. Obviously a 150lb fit person requires fewer calories than a 200lb fit person, so the same will be true for you as you gain muscle (on a less dramatic scale). The answer to question #3 depends on your body type, type and intensity of cardio, and nutritional intake. The simple answer is that since you are only trying to gain 5lbs muscle a year, you could probably work some cardio in and still acheive your goals, assuming you are getting adequate nutrition. It may take some trial and error on your part to figure out what works for your body type. I also scanned the article you linked to and the exercises look good. The main problem I see, is that as a novice, you're probably going to get hurt doing sets of 5 reps on compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, powercleans, and standing military presses. Some others have mentioned this, but you do not seem receptive to their advice. You mention in your posts that you have done research regarding the proper execution of exercises, but you have no practical experience. It's easy to remember most of the nuances of doing a proper squat while you're sitting at your computer, but getting everything right with a barbell and weight on your shoulders is going to be more difficult than you think. This is true for most compound exercises. If you go light enough to get your form perfect, 5 reps will probably not be enough to really stimulate your muscles. If you go heavier, you will develop bad habits and probably injure yourself. Doing higher reps; 8-12, maybe 10-12 is probably a safer bet if you want to avoid injuries. It forces you to lower the weight a bit, and that way you can work on your form. Since you are a beginner, it will probably be easy to make gains at first, even in the higher rep range. hth, -Chris
  7. Friday February 1, 2008: Workout 6 of 36 Wide Stance Squats: 8 x 135lbs (warm-up set) Wide Stance Squats (past parallel): 10 x 195lbs 10 x 195lbs 8 x 195lbs BB Lunges: 10 x 135lbs 8 x 135lbs 10 x 135lbs (these exercises were performed as compound sets, with 2-4 minutes rest between each exercise/set) Seated Leg Extension: 10 x 120lbs 10 x 120lbs 10 x 120lbs Seated Ham Curls: 10 x 240lbs 10 x 255lbs 10 x 255lbs (these exercises were performed as compound sets, with 90 seconds rest between each exercise/set) Front Squat: 5 x 135lbs 10 x 105lbs 10 x 105lbs Lying Ham Curls: 10 x 120lbs 10 x 110lbs 10 x 110lbs (these exercises were performed as compound sets, with 90 seconds rest between each exercise/set) Standing Calf Raises: 15 x 120lbs 15 x 120lbs 15 x 120lbs 15 x 120lbs 14 x 120lbs 14 x 120lbs (these exercises were performed with 90 seconds rest between each set) I am continuing to experiment with my wide-squat form. Tonight I went wider than usual with my stance and took it just below parallel (not ATG, but somewhere in between). This is the widest I've ever squatted, and the squat rack at my gym has a "diamondplate" metal floor. I was very nervous about my foot/feet slipping on some sweat or something. I think the next time I do these I will use the other station that has a rubber floor... After squats and lunges, I was ready to go home. Seated leg-extension and ham-curls gave me a chance to catch my breath. I decided to do front squats for my second set of squats and they were really hard. I've only done these one other time, and they were pretty hard, but not as hard as doing them AFTER back squats and lunges! I only made 5 reps on the first set, so I dropped the weight a bit. Did these pretty fast and deep (almost ATG). Having that bar crushing your delts really motivates you to knock these out quick. My numbers are up on just about everything else compared to the last time I was at this point in my cycle. I was squatting a little heavier last time around, but my stance was much narrower and I wasn't going nearly as deep as I am now. -Chris
  8. Welcome to the forums, Mike! -Chris
  9. Thursday January 31, 2008: Workout 5 of 36 Incline Curls: 10 x 45lb DBs 10 x 45lb DBs 10 x 45lb DBs Tricep Cable Pushdowns: 12 x 80lbs 10 x 90lbs 10 x 90lbs (these exercises were performed as compound sets, with 90 seconds rest between each exercise/set) Hammer Curls: 10 x 40lb DBs 10 x 40lb DBs 10 x 35lb DBs Overhead DB Extension: 10 x 70lb DB 10 x 70lb DB 10 x 70lb DB (these exercises were performed as compound sets, with 90 seconds rest between each exercise/set) One-Arm Preacher Curl: 10 x 30lb DB 10 x 30lb DB 10 x 30lb DB Close Grip DB Press (palms-in): 10 x 60lb DBs 10 x 60lb DBs 10 x 60lb DBs (these exercises were performed as compound sets, with 90 seconds rest between each exercise/set) Seated Overhead BB Press: 10 x 115lbs 8 x 115lbs 10 x 95lbs DB Lateral Raises: 10 x 30lb DBs 10 x 30lb DBs 10 x 30lb DBs (these exercises were performed as compound sets, with 90 seconds rest between each exercise/set) I was a little worried about how lifting would go after having a flu bug for 3 days, but I ended up having a great workout! It's been about 8 months since I've caught a cold or flu... Hopefully it will be another 8 months before I catch something again. All my numbers are up as compared to last point in my workout cycle. I did have a couple of good laughs at the gym tonite... When I went to do my preacher curls some guy had his sweatshirt hanging on the station, so I ask: "are you using the preacher curl station?" he responds "yes"... The other station has a couple guys working on it, so I decide to wait for this one. A minute later, dude picks up the 70lb bar resting on the preacher curl station and starts doing standing curls!!! Oh yeah, you definitely need to use the preacher curl station to rest your gigantic 70lb bar between sets of STANDING CURLS!!! wtf??? When he set the bar back down, I immediately moved it back to the rack it came from (4 feet from the preacher station, I kid you not ) and let him know that "I'm going to go ahead and use the preacher station, since you're just putting your bar there between sets... " The other funny thing I saw was this guy doing standing curls in the squat rack! It was especially funny given that his first working set involved the bar (45lbs) and he worked all the way up to 65lbs on his last set! In an ill equipped, or busy gym I might understand, but the rack with pre-loaded straight and EZ-Curl bars ranging from 20-90lbs in 5lb increments was not more than five feet from the squat rack!!! And none of them were being used!!! I don't like to listen to music while I'm lifting since it interferes with my focus. As such, I consider myself lucky that there is abundant entertainment in the weight room to keep me laughing between sets... -Chris
  10. I know this sounds weird, but congratulations on succeeding in taking some time off! Sounds like it was important for your recovery, so thats great. I've had a flu bug for the past few days, and it's been REALLY HARD not going to the gym for three days. My muscles were dying for exercise! I definitely respect your discipline, since it's necessary to ensure a good recovery! -Chris
  11. I'm not from the UK, but welcome to the forums anyways! I think our site mod, Richard is from UK... I'm sure there are some others as well. -Chris
  12. If you're just mixing it with water, I'd say gemma pea protein powder tastes best. The only other one I can drink just with water is hemp protein powder. Some people say hemp tastes nasty, but I think that depends on the brand. I like the Manitoba Harvest brand. To me it tastes like "nut butter meets cream of wheat" when you mix it with water. Both the gemma and hemp protein can be found in bulk at trueprotein.com If you're mixing your powder in smoothies with stuff that tastes good, soy protein is good too. -Chris
  13. This is exactly my point... He is not attempting to build mass, he is attempting to build "functional strength and endurance in an MMA setting"... Big difference! An experienced grappler/fighter will man-handle an inexperienced guy of greater size who doesn't train extensively in martial arts. I have been on both sides of this equation... Guys with less experience who are much bigger than me saying "wow, your way stronger than you look" and guys much smaller than me (with more extensive training) outclassing me in sparring matches. -Chris
  14. For the purpose of my example, let's assume Mac is at 6% bodyfat: This makes his "lean body mass" 157.92lbs Most "bodybuilders" seem to aim for a minimum of 1g of protein per day, per pound of lean body mass. That would translate into a minimum of about 158g of protein per day for a 168lb Mac Danzig... Mac says he eats 140g of protein some days... Like potter said, his training is more intense than most bodybuilders. Most people who only train in bodybuilding would not necessarily fare well in rigorous martial arts training. Totally different sports... That being said, Mac is not training to build "muscle mass". He is training to maintain the strength and endurance required to compete in intense MMA bouts which typically last less than 30 minutes. That is a totally different goal from bodybuilders, who typically only care about gaining as much mass as possible, as quickly as possible. I definitely would not call his diet "low-protein" considering his athletic goals. He is not training to gain muscle! He is training to maintain his strength (and weight class) while conditioning his cardio for the intensity of combat. Yes, he has a nice, physique! But it's like comparing a triathlete, cyclist, or runner to a bodybuilder... Different goals altogether!!! -Chris
  15. The Vega bars are really good! Robert sent me some samples the last time I ordered some other Vega products, and I've been meaning to order some ever since. I regularly consume builder bars ...granted these contain 20g protein and are vegan, but the ingredients list is a little scary. I was feeling super healthy eating those vega bars and I want more! -Chris
  16. Welcome to the forums, xskotx! -Chris
  17. Wow, that is a cool journal... Thanks for posting it Zack. -Chris
  18. I quickly scanned your log, and it looks like you've been doing the same basic leg exercises and "high-rep" range (more or less) since you started this log. It might be time to change some aspect of your routine. Some ideas that come to mind include: - Incorporating some different leg exercises into your workout (squats, hack squats, different types of ham curls, leg-extensions, etc..) - Changing your rep range (drop to 8-10 reps for two weeks, then 6-8 reps for two weeks, then come back to your high reps for a couple weeks) - Changing your set structure (compound sets, 2 exercise supersets, 4 exercise supersets) I've heard from a couple people that different leg-press machines are dramatically different in the amount of weight the same person can push... Hopefully you'll find something that works to get you past your plateau. -Chris
  19. LOL, my lady was massaging my legs today and I actually said that to her...
  20. I'm totally the opposite... When I do BB Lunges I can lift more weight, as opposed to DB Lunges. Is there a reason you let your knees touch the ground? Most of the instructional material I've reviewed recommends "not taking tension off" a muscle when you're doing reps. -Chris
  21. I totally have avatar envy... You definitely have the coolest avatar here! -Chris
  22. I usually use my gym towel wrapped around the bar... But then I read all this macho "no padding talk" and tried no towel on my ATG squats the other day... My traps must be getting bigger, because last time I tried this, my spine got bruised. That was back when I was doing working sets with 135lbs. Doesn't seem to be a problem now... -Chris
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