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  1. I hit each bodypart once a week. Im not on a diet. I get 1 g of protein per pound of bodyweight 0.45 g fat and fill rest of calories withd carbs. I end up in a calorie deficit and I have lost 15-20 pounds in 10 weeks. I eat clean mostly unprocessed foods.
  2. Free weights. More of a bodybuilding style. I have gained strenght and some muscle but for that much amount of time I feel like I should have a better body. I count calories so I know exactly what im getting in everyday. Losing weight or gaining isn't a problem. Im having a hard time deciding what I have to do. I may just eat enough to maintain my bodyweight and see where that can get me. Maybe a vegan diet can help my hormone levels?
  3. Im 21 yrs old 5'9 170 pounds. Im just wondering how going vegan can improve my physique? I have been reading how low fat diets can help insulin and increase testosterone. So at this point im willing to do whatever it takes to make any nutritional changes to reach my goal. I have been lifting for 2.5 years and dissapointed with my results. Im skinnyfat so its best I cut down bodyfat at this point, and bulk from a leaner base. Im just wondering what you guys base ur micronutrients Intake off of? How much protein carbs and fat should I consume? Also I posted a pic and my goal is to get to low bodyfat levels in the next 20 weeks.
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