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  1. Not exactly heavy metal if heavy is stuff like Iron Maiden, but I'm into other kinds, some bands: Nevermore, Death, Opeth, Ayreon, Empyrium, Diabolical Masquerade, Arcturus, Ne Obliviscaris, Sculptured, Agalloch, Satyricon... Agalloch has a new album due next month I think
  2. I'm 25 and vegetarian for 7 years, not yet vegan but always favour it. 1.76m and 80kg (5.7ft 180lbs) 3 years ago I did about 8 months of weight lifting in the gym, then stopped for 2 years, now starting from zero again I bought a pair of dumbells and am lifting at home in the fifth month already, and I kinda feel I'm progressing more than when I was in the gym, except I had less fat when I was in the gym, but also now I'm just working upper body, not legs too yet as I did in the gym. When I started the first time it was more with the goal of getting better at hiking, I love hiking and taking pics but I usually had to take rests when going steep hills, either by lack of breath (I have like half of a normal lung capacity, but done a nasal septum surgery last year so it should get better) or pain in the legs, now I'd say the goal of looking better overtook that one From these 5 months that I'm with the dumbells only like 2 weeks ago I also started paying attention to diet and looking the nutritional values for almost everything I eat, I went to about 5 cups of orange juice to 1 per day and still didn't ever weight food I eat but changed most to protein rich ones, I'm mostly eating lentils, black beans, tofu, soy meat, gluten, brocolli and mushrooms (by mostly I mean the combination of at least 2 of these items is in every meal, I wanna add spinach too) and stopped eating rice (should I?) and bread. So now that I'm starting to take it more seriously it'll be good to read stuff here now and then
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