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  1. BW 52kg Squat 85kg Bench 45kg Deadlift 105kg Making some sweet gains
  2. My trainer has suggested that I get myself a weight belt before I start lifting any heavier, but other than neoprene belts which look rather flexible and flimsy, I'm having trouble finding anything non-leather. Is there anything out there that is as supportive as leather but vegan friendly? What do you guys use? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the advice. I have just been trying to eat less in general so hopefully that shows some results. I don't really eat much bread or tortillas, just a couple times a week. Despite my height and weight I'm actually a bit heavy around the middle area Only looking to drop a few kilos, nothing drastic. Also hoping that it will reveal some of the muscle i've built underneath! I'm not looking at my actual weight on the scales just in the mirror.
  4. Hello, I've been vegan for three years and weight training for about 12 months. I'm 5' tall and weigh 115lbs. My maintenance calories are fairly high, about 2500 per day. I'm now wanting to lose a bit of weight so have been looking more closely at my diet. I've never really paid attention before. In terms of macros I'm eating about 700kcal fat, 1100-1500kcal carbs and 420kcla protien daily. My trainer has advised to lower my fat and up my protien. So I'm trying to replace foods in my diet that are lower in fat, but I'm having trouble with this. I eat a lot of LSA, hemp seeds, chia and peanut butter which are high in fat, but if I take these out I lose a lot of protein. I can add more carbs but this won't add much protein back in. I sometimes eat meat replacement products which are high in fat and protien, as I don't enjoy just eating beans etc for dinner, i feel like i need something more substantial, but this is a mental thing I guess. These are pretty much my go to foods, not everything each day obvioulsy but a combination from day to day; soy milk whole grain bread peanut butter chia seeds strawberries bananas medjool dates oat, fruit and nut muesli soy yoghurt LSA meal hemp seeds tofu kidney beans quinoa brown rice vege sausages sweet potato potato kale spinach zucchini avocado tomato flour tortillas mushrooms slasa cabbage pasta As you can see not a lot of high fat foods, but my fat intake is still high. Any advice on replacing food or different things to eat would be very much appreciated. i haven't had the opportunity to talk to any other vegans who work out so hoping someone here can help me!
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