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  1. 3 hour workout session will raise the cortisol levels in your body. A 3 hour workout really isnt necessary, especially a 1 hour ab workout I would also do an hour of legs and then some cardio afterwards- not the other way around. I would do some carbs before for some energy and do simple carbs and protein post workout. Your muscle craves simple carbs after they have been worked. Proteins have amino acids which are muscle building blocks. everyone does things differently so try switching things up to see what works for you
  2. Hello everyone! I'm new to this website/forum and to vegan in general. I am a pescatarian and Im interested in switching to vegan to see if it works for me as a bodybuilder. I have found that I make incredible muscle gains on a high fat diet (about 51% fat). Most vegan diets I've seen are high carb with alot of fruits. Can anyone help direct me to good books or websites or any ideas at all that can help with high fat but still vegan? Thank you!
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