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  1. You can also try Meetup.com. They have a DMV "Vegan Powered" meetup group.
  2. Damn... I guess I should reintroduce myself... I'm Larry from Savannah, GA. Now I'm in DC... I am about to crank this thing up...
  3. Hey fellas, thanks for the welcome... I am really looking forward to getting to know you all. Robert, Thats cool that we've both became vegetarians around the sametime. We should start a FRAT... loveliberate, Thanks for the compliment... Have you ever been here before? flanders77, Cute baby youve got there. Ive got a good friend in Berlin that I plan to visit this year. Where is Muenster?
  4. I just want to send my greetings to y'all from Savannah. This weekend will be my 11th anniversary of me being vegetarian. I've been vegan for 9years and counting. I love figuring out new ways of making traditional recipes and dishes into tasty vegan meals. This bb is great that I can tell from the little bit of time that Ive known about it. I am really looking to get into the gym and get my "swole on" ( ) in a healthy vegan way. Its good meeting you all... nfms
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