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  1. Hello C.O. Yes I did a search using the search module, and found the word in a lot of posts, no specific topic. Thank you Cappy for the information regarding fasting, and to Rob, for answering my question about light exercise. I appreciate the feedback. Best, Jeremy
  2. Hello Rob, Thank you for your response, but what constitutes rest? Does rest mean total rest with no muscular stimulation whatsoever? Like if a person spends four days a week training with weights, might two days be spent doing cardio, or yoga? with one day of no extraordinary activity? Or would three days be ideally spent doing no activity and the person working yoga or cardio into their existing routine? Thank you, Jeremy
  3. YAY BIKES! I ride up 24th street in SF every morning and ride down that sweet hill every afternoon. I'm presently on a windsor track bike, nothing fancy, just something to zip around on.
  4. Tofu is bean curd. Coagulated soy milk pressed into blocks. I've been consuming tofu since the 1970's and I enjoy it often. I'm a forty year old man, quite fit, no male breast issues, nor cognitive problems, but it's early yet. In SF/Oakland non-GMO certified organic tofu is easy to come by. Get it organic and fresh as you can and play around with it. Tofu is versatile as all get out, just use your imagination and start playing around with it.
  5. Thanks Cappy, I appreciate you taking the time to answer this. I'm curious about you fasting, that seems counter intuitive, but I also don't feel like eating a ton of food when I'm not working out, however the thought of losing anything that I've gained is more concerning to me. Thanks again!
  6. Please, if this topic has been beat to death, point me in the right direction but my searching didn't really bring up anything. I've read constantly that rest days are important, however I'm not entirely clear about what a rest day ought to entail. I keep hearing different opinions, but I'm more curious about what is needed because I want my body to perform well and not just look good. Does it mean NO workout? Or does it mean I can still do 100 push ups/dips/crunches/pull ups? Or like ZERO weight training, and just some cardio? or it it serious rest. No physical exertion beyond the normal routine of human existence? And do I still eat like a monster? Or ought I rest on that too? These are the questions that I would like answered. I know people that lift five-six days a week, but I read that much is too much. I think that people take to this idea of rest differently, and I have a hard time sitting still anyway so if I can lift and be active seven days a week, that would be good too. What's the answer? (or what's YOUR answer) Can there be too much of a good thing?
  7. stinkbot


    Hello I'm stinkbot, an aspiring muscled fellow who has a passion for vegan living, punk rock and riding bikes. I've written a piece for a punk zine about the rise of fit punks. I have met a great community of vegan athletes through that and have discovered that a lot of my friends lift weights too. Anyway, it's nice to be here and I'm going to ask a lot of questions, so if I ask something repetitive, please just point me in the right direction. Best, -bot
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