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  1. I have been plant based for a while now. I have gone vegan before in years past and saw great weight loss as well as feeling great. Before, I didn't count calories or work out that much and saw great weight loss. For the past few months, I have counted calories, I work out four - five times a week, but I am not losing weight. I am 286 lbs and 6' tall, I carry some belly fat, but I am just big person. I have been at 2400 cal a day 60/20/20 and am not losing weight. Is it I am not eating enough. As previously stated, I lift weights 4 times a week plus cardio. Just did a weight loss calc. And it said at my weight I need almost 4000 cal to maintain my weight. Another article I read said calories should be 12 times body weight. That puts me at 3432 calories. I am considering jumping to 3200 cal for 2 weeks and see what happens ( vegan of course ). Any input would be great. Thanks
  2. I have finally found a few ways that I can consume tofu. Tried before, but didn't like it. The protein from it will really help me reach my numbers. Just trying to see if anyone has cancer, man boobs or thyroid problems or Alzheimer's from over consumption of tofu If you consume tofu, how often do you eat it and how much
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