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  1. Thank you for your replies. Cappy: It is true that in all the b12 reports they make, the people having deficiencies were having malabsorption problems. I think I'll take a supplement just in case. THe fish we eat is organic (I'm working in an organic shop) stevieB160: Yes nutritional yeast, I love that and we have it practically everyday. superman1234: This is probably what I'll do
  2. I went through your log and loved it, your dedication, you seem to enjoy life. Couldn't read everything in detail, but will definitely come here often because you are inspiring.
  3. to mini forklift. So you're eating three meals everyday (your salad looks tasty), do you have a post workout meal ?
  4. à Hobbs Alors ça c'est pas mal tiens! Oui, ça fait presqu'un an que j'y habite et on compte y rester. On cherchais un endroit sympa pour vivre et je crois que nous l'avons trouvé. Tu es Français ? Que fais-tu en Angleterre ? FrenchFItnessGreen, oui . Oû habites-tu ?
  5. Hello, I'd like to know if there is a post talking about B12 here and if not I'd like to ask some questions about it. My husband and I are still eating fish and organic eggs because I'am afraid of b12 deficiency. I'm also giving eggs and fish to my son about 3 to 4 times a week (sometimes everyday) and he eats goat yogurt and drinks goat milk everyday. (he's 18 months old) I think that for his part, he gets enough b12, also sometimes I wake up in the night in fear of not giving him enough, because around me, people are feeding their children with meat twice a day. Because he's thin people tend to think it's because I only give him fish and eggs and that he needs red meat or poultry. Do you take b12 supplements ? What do you think about B12 and what do you do about it ? Also if people on this forum have children have you raised them with or without meat (fish or else) ? Thank you
  6. Thank you for your help, LIke you said, I didn't feel hungry for dinner too, but ate a small meal anyway because I didn't want to wake up in the middle of the night feeling hungry and wait for the morning to eat. Ok, time to train now. THank you again as this was really helpfull
  7. Ok thank you for your advice. The quantities seem huge, but I can try to add more like you say . Yesterday I was so full with what I ate. By adding the morning snack and the post work out snack I felt more energized yesterday and today. Yesterday I had a post workout shake (2 tbsp sunflower seeds protein in juice) . I'll follow your diet plan tomorrow, but one question, how long do you wait between a protein shake and your meal. Also if tomorrow my workout is at 4:30 pm, how do you fit in the snack and the post workout, in order not to "overload" the stomach ? Thank you
  8. Hello, THank you for your reply My workouts last about 45 minutes and my goal right now is to put on some muscles to look less skinny. People are sure I don't eat much but I do eat good plates and usually with a lot of oil. (I usually follow zwow workouts and add some rounds more or some other strength exercices.) THe cookies, because they are tastefull and once I eat one, I eat more. So I've began to change things a bit yesterday and today after reading some journals on the forum I tried to make 6 mini meals. Today: breakfast: 2 whole wheat crackers+ hazelnutpaste (without sugar) 2 mugs of chicory with coffee and soy milk enriched in calcium + a piece of melon at 10 am 200 ml almond juice+ 1 dried fig at 1 pm rice (a little bowl) +raw veggies+chickpeas and french home made salad dressing+ sunflower seeds afternoon snack: a soy yogurt+a banana+ 1 mug chicory with coffee and ricemilk enriched in calcium tonight (around 8:30_9 pm yes we always eat late) rice+ green salad+ lentils+homemade salad dressing and melon +tea so no cookies today what do you think ? Thank you
  9. Hello, I really need help with my diet, it's something completely new to me. I'm aware my food intake is too low also I'm not used to have 6 meals in a day. I'm a woman of 160 cm ( 5'3 ?) and about 47 kgs ( about 104 pounds ? ). I workout 3-4 times / week , right now is the best I can do, because of a lack of energy and difficulties to recover after each sessions. ( bodyweight workouts) HEre is an example of my daily diet. (I'm not vegan although you'll notice that their is no dairy products and practically no meat ) breakfast. 2 to 4 whole wheat crackers hazelnutpaste (all natural without sugar) fruit (slice of melon or 1 banana) chicory with coffee and soy milk or rice milk ( about 250 ml 8.45 oz ?) noon (fits in my plate, french plates not very big ones) pasta + salad (lettuce,cabbage etc...)+ sprouted lentils if I have+ sunflower seeds and 2 to 3 tbsp oil, spices fruit salad SOmetimes for snack if I have time whole wheat cookies ( 5-6 cookies) plus chicory and soy or rice milk Night meal same as noon with sometimes an egg or a bit of fish fruit and cookies (same as snack) + chicory with soy or rice milk I've ordered an organic plant based protein powder and have taken one shake after a work out, but I'm not very comfortable with the idea of protein shakes. Please help me build up a diet pattern, but please don't judge me if you think my current diet is nonsense, I'm just asking for help Thank you
  10. Hello, (I'm sorry in advance for my english,I'm french) I'm not a vegan, nor vegetarian, although most of my meals are vegan because I'm less an less interested in meat and don't eat any dairy products. My husband's diet aswell as mine has changed over the years from meat to practically none. I've always been working out (bodyweight workouts and aikido) but since a year we have trouble to recover after every workouts. I'm sore for days after a workout and feel very very tired. Maybe it's because we have a baby. I'm looking for answers to the mistakes we make in our diet Also since the birth of our son, I've lost fat. I weighted 47 kgs (for 160 cm) before getting pregnant, and lost 2 kgs after delivery and since then it seems the fat won't stay. It's not that important, but I'd like to put on muscles to look less skinny and also I'd like to gain energy. I'm looking forward to exchange information with you.
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