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  1. I post here because i have receive a message but whithout any signature so i can answer directly... to give you return of experience: After tested a lot of values, zinc include, all was good. i figured out my low libido come from overtraining... after 1 week full off and 1 week light all get sorted...
  2. Are you a man? Too little calories for me, What is your goal? Your rep range are too high. If you are under stress, your body can become weight loss resistant and store fat at this zone.... To liitle calorie, too many stress, weight lift too light... I think is your probleme..
  3. congratz Torre, you look amazing, i'm new vegetarian after big big meat eater... People like you, derek, robert, billy simons, make me believe in my dream about vegan BB! I search information about your diet but dont find anything, can you, when you have the time, give more info about it (macro ratio etc.) I'm french and here, there is no vegan bb athlete... i hope to make my dream true, thanks for help me to believe in it!!!
  4. mostly be careful about omega 3/6 ratios...
  5. i'm new in vegan style and for the moment i'm not an example because i've lost a lot of pound. but i can say you the better result to cut for a lot of person is to reduce carb ... So increase fat and protein et decrease carb (pre and post WO only) that's reduce insulin and fat storrage.... Decrease calorie slowly 2000kcal is extrem.. how many kcal do you eat in bulk??
  6. i take a multivit vega all morning, but i take it with a spinach juice.. so maybe the phytic acid and the calcium block the zinc... I will Begun by stop spinach juice this week, (i have 4lb of it , two at the wake up with my multi and two after workout) if without spinach the probleme is same i try to stop large amount of green at each meal, but i dont want it because lot of green and fiber make me feel good...
  7. Lot of studie, google fibers minéral. Too much fiber speed transit speed and the minéral dont have the time to be absorb... with 4lb of green i think my intake is too high...
  8. Hi all, like i say in the other post i've a lot of probleme since i'm 100% vegan, difficult to rest, anxiety, loss of libido.. after a looot of reseach and try (up calori, up fat,reduce training, more sleep) i think it's my fibers intake (about 110g each day) who block my zinc absorption. There is anyone who have this pbm? how many fibers do you eat each day please? really need help , if i dont find solution i have to include fish in my diet and i dont want to do that...
  9. I've read fibers reduce mineral absorption, i'm at 100g of fibers each day.... maybe its a part of the probleme..... Need advice pls..
  10. hi bro, i come back because i've upping my fat intake and 0 change... so i search again, and i think about a mineral imbalance, i drink lot of spinach juice http://img4.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_840024123.jpg The imbalance between minerals is important... but for maintain calorie and protein i need to this intake...
  11. i've follow 811 and i think that's it who destroy my hormonal system.. Thanks for ur advice ! I ll be back to give news about my problemes
  12. When i've try 811 i've lost a lot of pound and loss my libido I think 150g is the low limit of prot intake for me... i try to recup my before shape but i try a lot of thing and it's verry hard to conclus
  13. thank for the answer, im not in a deficit calorik I eat 3300kcal a day 200g protein 3-400g carb 50g fat im 80kg Since 4 days i've upped my fat intake, but for the moment no change... How many time to re equilibrate hormone balance? i've see lot of link who tell : no satured fat = no testo....... i worrie about it.. And some link say too much fiber = no testo too... Thanks again!
  14. Hi alll, i have a probleme, since i'm vegan i've loss my libido i dont understand why, i've try to upp my fat intake but since 1 week, 0 change.... i've read too many fiber carn decrease testosterone, i'm raw, i eat about 4kg of green each day.....mayba that it but for have suffisent protein i need this green... THere is someone have an idea about that...? very embrassed please help me
  15. when i read the book i've understand smoothie highcarb with a little of protein (1/4 ratio) and complet meal 1hour after with high protein ratios.....
  16. hi, fruits aren't allways 50/50 F/G some are more one than other... Some study tell, too much fructose can cause insulino resistance and pancreas trouble....
  17. i've found an interresting article on complete or no complete protein... look at this........... amazing! what to think about?? http://michaelbluejay.com/veg/protein.html
  18. i've try soy since 2 week et i feeling a libido less, i have sleep probleme together, maybe the probleme come of it, but i have the sensation of libido less... i continu to 2 week again et make conclusion. I eat some soy "milk" 100g of tempeh & 100g of tofu a day... i know it's not jumbo but maybe it's psychological... or maybe everyone is different et don't react the same... Thank for you feedback
  19. i understand your but there not really answer at my question. If i want to eat more protein, must i increase all amino acid input or when i've my ratio of eaa, i can increase protein with all amino acid source without worrying about the ratio of them? For example i eat: buckwheat Quinoa Tofu Tempeh Almond & nuts For a total of 80g of protein, if i want to increase protein up to 160, can i do the balance only with vegetable ? Theory the first 80g bring the EAA & the other 80g of proteins don't must to be Essential amino acid? What do you think?
  20. In fact i dont really speak about supplement but essential amino acids in whole food. I think i'dont have really understand how function. I'll try to explain me clearly. We know vegan diet has a risk of deficiency of some amino acids (lysine, cystein, methionine) My question is : is there à value of each needed to bring? or the ratio between each must to be respect? I think the body need about 2g of each essential amino acids a day, if i bring 2g of lysine , 2g of cystein & 4g of methionin (it's only a example) are the 2g more of methionin correctly assimilate ? Or i must inevitably bring a ratio equal of each? I hope I explained clearly...
  21. Firstly thanks for u response! I know the topic you give me, i search in all the forum for information, about 3 weeks lol I actually kick up my Kcal, i'm follow by a Vegantrainer, we slowly restart to begin... But about essential amino acid, how do you do? count each amino acid? I understand, à lot of protein whitout good ratio is useless. So Amino Acids must be balanced in total? I find it hard to explain, admit the lysine need is about 2g a day, if i have this 2g, can i increase proteins on other amino acid? Or if i increase proteins, i must increase lysine also?
  22. nobody? Maybe my english is to bad & you don't understand? tell me friends
  23. Je suis au nord de paris:). Je suis venu chercher de l aide ici mais pour l'instant pas de réponses
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