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  1. Hi all, i'm a fitness Teacher From France, I pratice bodybuilding since 2007, whith à lot of animal proteins & whey protein, cutting on low carb high prot diet. After a lot of research, I'm go vegetarian since january, after big health probleme in cause of lot animal protein comsumption. Since i've à lot of ernergy et lost bulimia probleme, so i'm very happy of it, i win à lot of lbs on my bar & allways good mood, finish with nervousness & depressions. So i realise Vegetarien/vegan Diet is very good for me. My problem is that, since i'm vegetarian, i've lost à lot of strenght,mass. i've first start by stop all animal protein for 2 month, at that periode my muscle are melt,then i have reintroduce eggs & little quantity of fish in my diet, then i took a little mass. I would go on a vegetarian diet and thereafter Vegan. My big interrogation is what do you think about essentials amino acid & deficiency of it on a vegan diet, do you only content of eat a lot of protein or do you count each eaa daily dose? On his book Robert advice to eat a lot but dont really talk about this probleme... Can you give me you opinion & advice I apologize in advance for my english level, i do better i can, it will be better in the time. I'm very happy to join ur community, we dont have that in France, so i came Here, and I hope to learn a lot, and you make all also a little better than I can PS: i read & travel ur forum since 3 weeks & for answer the questions "how improve the forum" I noticed à lot of interessting questions remain unanswered & I find it a pity sportingly
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