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  1. True, you don't need to be consuming ALL aminoacids in one meal - you can spread your proteins throughout the day. However, since we lead busy lives and have live beyond nutritional concerns, it's tough on vegans to get all the aminoacids in and that's why full proteins are advocated. I like to eat one - two superfoods per day to make sure I get it out of the way. I also make sure they have B vitamins and iron - things that I am lacking, especially because I am a woman, and on top of that I nurse my baby. So one of the products I use is Spirulina Crunch (www.purespirulina.com) and it is naturally dried spirulina. It has a complete protein, literally ALL the aminoacids. Also enzymes and a significant amount of B vitamins and iron. One caveat: iron doesn't absorb well without vitamin C and spirulina doesn't have any. So eat a slice of orange or drink fresh-squeezed orange juice with it. good luck! talk to me if you'd like to hear more. I've been vegan for a while and am raising my baby vegan. Yael (@yaeltamar)
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