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  1. I'm excited that Ive finally took the first step to not only making this account but introducing myself. For forum purposes we can go by my user name, and im 23 . Ive been eating a plant based diet since end of 2012. My switch was not for health reason but as an metaphysical experiment that I enjoyed the benefits off so eventually got led into the healthier aspects of it. Although Ive been eating mostly healthy ( ive changed by the season) with the summer approaching once again I'm ready to get fit, and eat a more healthy diet once again. I'm joining this site because i'm not happy with the way i look. I'm maybe 160 just skinny, slightly tone but no bulkage. I've always been lazy when it came to working out, ive been more of a tai chi, yoga guy but it's just not satisfying what i really want to do and thats to sculpt a "god body". so this is why I am here..im most humble and ready to apply the discipline needed to get to the goals I want. iI'm open to advice on where to start, cause I've never been a gym person but my goal for 2014 is to bulk up.
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